Saturn (not Satan) has come for Roman Polanski this time…

Originally published September 28, 2009

A crazy student of mine (who I will talk about frequently) just texted me asking me about Roman Polansk’s chart. I texted back “Why?” as in why should I care about a convicted pedophile who makes good movies. He didn’t know why I should care. Wanted to see what I had to say. Well, considering Roman Polanski made one of my favorite creep out movies, Rosemary’s Baby, I’d at least look at it, since he’s in the news and all, facing possible extradition.

Here’s a link to the data from

A brief look of this Leo’s chart shows a couple of disturbing things. First, it is likely that he did rape this young woman. With his Mars square to Uranus and that same said Uranus trine to the Sun, he has a natural sense of entitlement and doesn’t like anything encroaching on his own sense of freedom. His Venus and Jupiter conjunction tell me that he has a big appetite, especially regarding lust. Well, interestingly, transiting Uranus is opposite to his Venus and Jupiter, heralding a sudden shock and challenge to that lust. As a topper, transiting Saturn is all over that Venus and Jupiter, suggesting that it’s time for him to deal with his karma and past. (Can you say Judgment day, boys and girls?!)

So, to my crazy student, I say: do the crime, pay the time. It’s what his own chart says. It’s likely from what I read that he may not do the time, but Uranus is giving a shock to his monkey to let him know that he’s not above the law. I don’t know the astrology looks like he’s kinda screwed. (Or is that wishful thinking?) We’ll see…


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