Why a focus on anticipation is far more effective than a focus on dread

Originally published November 25, 2006

As some of you may or may not know, Jupiter went into Sagittarius yesterday (Friday). This means that for the first time in 12 years or 8 (if you count Pisces), Jupiter is right at home. For me, it means that Jupiter will be sailing over my midheaven and I’m elated. I’m expecting a lot of good things to happen this year, despite the fact that Jupiter will be squaring my ascendant, my natal Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. I spent a good portion of the morning mapping out my goals, my check-in points of those goals and plans of action. I’m very excited. I believe what I’m doing is one of the right ways to use astrology.

I often read and listen to astrologers use astrology the wrong way. They cultivate more dread than anticipation. “Well, when Saturn goes over your Sun, honey, you can expect to be depressed,” I’ve heard said. This is, literally, dreadful, and only partially true. There are other things you can expect besides depression and it depends on whether you’re cultivating dread or anticipation. The key differences between dread and anticipation are awareness and attitude.
Dread, in my opinion, hooks itself into the fatalistic sense of astrology. “Here comes the “axe,” Virginia, so you better watch out!,” one says in cultivating dread. Dread taps into the feeling that we’re helpless before the mechanics and movement of the cosmos. In fact, we’re little more than stellar roadkill in this view. There are some basic truths being expressed here. There might be a symbolic “axe” coming our way. However, if we use anticipation, we see something different.

The symbolic “axe,” if we anticipate it, is still coming, but our reactions can be different. For instance, we can grab the metaphorical axe and use it to chop our way through a psychological or physical impasse. We also can do something as simple as duck by stepping away from a challenging relationship as described by the stars. Anticipation is more emotionally engaging than the resignation of dread. It is embracing what’s to come, being prepared and yet staying present all at the same time.

So as Jupiter transits through Sagittarius and all my “mutable” realities, I actually do something rather “cardinal” and plan. I take advantage of the boon that Jupiter augurs by coming up with a game plan. I did a similar thing as Jupiter traveled through all my Scorpio planets. It was during that transit that Andrew and I formed the Astrology Career Institute. I didn’t know that I was going to meet Andrew when the transit started, but I made a commitment to myself to STAY OPEN. I didn’t focus on Jupiter’s square to my natal Moon. I didn’t freak out about Jupiter going through my eighth house of death. I anticipated the best and worst possibilities, but focused on the best.

Dread only focuses on the worse case scenario. Dread, in life and astrology, will keep you at the same level or lower as you function now. We are made to grow. Jupiter relays this symbolic meaning more than any other planet in our pantheon. It’s up to you to use the movements of the heavens to anticipate the miracles you want to happen in your life. Or you can use dread. The only requirements of either state are our attitudes and awareness. Astrology gives us the awareness, but how is your attitude?

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