A thank you…from Emery (treated in the astro-clinic)

Hey Sam,

I have not forgotten about you asking for some feedback. Honestly, i have not been able to stop listening to the recording, that’s mainly why I have not responded sooner. I want to say that you, and your colleagues have definitely gotten the cogs turning in my head. I realize that I have a long way to go. I really must thank you, for the words of encouragement, and there were a few things that you and Joan said that really really, tugged at the strings of my soul. If i could put into analogies of what you and friends have done for me, it would be something like this: A child discovering candy. A flower’s first bloom. The smell of the open sea. The sensation of melting cotton candy in your mouth. Your first earned paycheck. The sweet smell of a newborn child. The sound inside a seashell. Christmas day…A body of water against your skin. Those dreams where you are flying. The taste of mom’s food. Hugging someone because you mean it, and getting one back. The smiles of people that love you. Suddenly looking up, and seeing a sky full of stars, starring right back at you. The alleviation of a migraine. Your insides getting washed with God soap. (lol) & most of all…hope, of becoming more of who you are.

Thanks, Sam…


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