Imogen-Treated at the Astro-Clinic on 2/19/10

Imogen came to the astro-clinic with some of the following questions.  How would you address them?

How/When/Will I get back to a life in London?
Which branch of my career path is the one to focus on now? (you can translate that to “am I on the right career path” if that’s too complicated)
What’s the relationship forecast look like?

One Response to “Imogen-Treated at the Astro-Clinic on 2/19/10”

  1. Imogen Says:

    I’m not quite sure how to express my gratitude for the gift of this experience. This was the best astrological reading I’ve ever had and I’ve tried a few. I really appreciated getting to be a part of a discussion about my chart and hearing the multiple and contradictory points of view on what’s in it. I got a much more complete point of view of all the contradictions within me by hearing the diverse points of view on the counterpoints within the chart.
    Your insights were right on the money and have given me a renewed sense of appreciation of my own point of view. I felt reassured and supported by what you told me and have continued to think back on the reading with warmth and appreciation.
    I also feel grateful to be put back in touch with an aspect of myself that I have felt languishing but haven’t been able to understand how to bring forward. Thank you for reminding me of the wild child within me!

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