When a player gets played: Full Moons, Exorcisms and Jupiter in Virgo

Last week’s Full Moon on August 24th fell very close to my Jupiter in Virgo, so it “activated” it. Activate means that the topics of interest concerning the planet Jupiter and then all the other specific issues concerning my chart like the fact that my Jupiter is in Virgo, the other relationships that Jupiter has with the other planets in my chart and that it falls in my 7th house.First things first: what does Jupiter mean in my chart?

Symbol for Jupiter

Jupiter is the planetary signature that deals with spirituality, faith, philosophy, religion, devotion, noble thoughts, and generosity.  Next, all planets move or wander (as the word planet means “wanderer”) going from sign to sign. My Jupiter was wandering through the lush grainy fields of the Virgin or Virgo when I was born.  There’s another layer to understanding why my Jupiter in Virgo is a big deal for me. It is one of the strongest planets in my chart because it’s at what we call an angle. This happens when you have a planet in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house.

Look at the numbers toward the center...

My Jupiter is in the 7th house and that’s the sector of a chart that deals with marriage, relationships, partners and adversaries. How did the full moon all pan out for me? Well, that’s where it gets complicated and simple. Let’s start with the simple manifestation or activation.

First, I was inspired to be generous. For one day only, I offered my “friends” on facebook (and their friends),  a free report to break down the natal chart and to see what planets were activated by the 8/24 full moon. (Don’t worry. I will do something like this again soon.)

The more complex “level” of activation is still going on as it’s more reflective.  This past weekend I saw “The Last Exorcism.” I won’t say too much about the movie as I don’t want to provide any spoilers. I enjoyed it, though I don’t know if a lot of people will. In the movie, the main character is a minister who has lost his faith and hires a film crew to do one last exorcism of a teenage girl.  Initially, he “stages” an exorcism only to discover quickly that he can’t tell what’s real and what’s “staged” anymore.  As a former Christian minister,  I can definitely relate, and I believe my Jupiter in Virgo prompts me to struggle with dimensions of faith all the time.  With a Jupiter in Virgo, I have an incessant need to rationally understand behavior and beliefs, especially with it being in the sector of my chart dealing with relationships (public and intimate). It also suggests that I have a highly analytical and critical nature.  In fact, my mother used to joke when I was younger that “Why?” would be the epitaph on my tombstone because I would ask her that question so much. I’m particularly attentive to my analytical nature with people and their beliefs or faith.

Here I need to make a distinction between belief and faith. Belief values a certain set of facts or principles that one assumes are true based on tradition, culture, valued opinions or experience.  Faith values a certain set of perspectives on the world based on one’s experience and/or one’s conscience that may or may not be based on one’s beliefs.  Faith puts us in the position of knowing only that we know and not having any particular beliefs that either affirm or deny that knowing. I take faith as a far more personal and perhaps mystical encounter with the known and unknown.  I think the problem with Jupiter in Virgo, considering that Jupiter does as planetary chief of staff in the opposite sign, Pisces, is that Jupiter isn’t inspired easily to faith, per se.  But you can’t fake the funk with faith. If you ain’t got it, you ain’t got it.  Watching “The Last Exorcism” is a good morality tale on what happens when you fake the funk with faith.  I almost went down that same path as the fake-ass exorcist.

When I was 19 and realized that I didn’t have much faith in my religion, I started talking with a few ministers about it. I learned many of them didn’t have much either! But they enjoyed the idea of helping people in life and there were other perks, like the schedule and the money weren’t too bad either. Many of them also had started young as I did. (I started when I was 12 years old, not too much older than the minister in “The Last Exorcism”) Well, I was too idealistic to care about schedule or money.  So I left and figured I would return to the ministry once I had answered my questions sufficiently.  I’ve never gone back, and it looks like I never will return back to the Christian ministry.  And I can say I’ve made the right choice.  Looking at this movie, I could see why and how real faith really re-surfaces.  Critical inquiry and rational thinking gets you to the precipice of faith, but it can never get you to take a leap of faith.  For me, astrology and a spiritual practice of meditation, reflection and discussion have encouraged me to get beyond “Why?” and more in the space to know. How I know this knowledge is not something I bother about (too much).  I step beyond belief and faith.  I go backwards along the path of the wanderer. Instead of embracing Jupiter IN Virgo, I step out of Virgo (critique and pruning) into Jupiter (faith and expansion), then into infinity. Not with most things and not all the time, but enough that I can move beyond faith.  That feels good…enough. 😉

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