Celestial Screencasting: Virgoan Dreamgirls…

A friend of mine on twitter pointed out yesterday that all three leads in the movie version of “Dreamgirls” were Virgos. I thought that was interesting.

Beyonce Knowles: September 4, 1981, Houston TX (birthtime unknown)
Anika Noni Rose: September 6, 1972, Bloomfield, CT (birth time unknown)
Jennifer Hudson:  September 12, 1981, Chicago, IL

Anika Noni Rose, Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Hudson

It’s also interesting that these beautiful Virgo women were born during the second decan of Virgo.  If we are using classical astrology, they were born during the Venus decanate or face of Virgo, which makes beautiful sense.  If you’re modern, you would see these ladies as born during the Saturn or Capricorn decanate of Virgo.  If you’re lost right now as I talk about decans, let me school ya.

Decans is breaking up a sign into 10 degree allotments.  A sign has 30 degrees, so it has 3 decans with a different planet having rulership over each decan. In modern astrology, the decanates are broken up by signs, starting with the sign in question and then proceeding to the next sign of the same element.  So, using the modern system, for the sign of Virgo, we would start with Virgo for the first ten degrees of a sign, then the next Earth sign from Virgo, which is Capricorn (whose ruler is Saturn), and finish the last 10 degrees with Taurus (whose ruler is Venus).   Classical astrology works with a different order for the planets as seen in the graphic above.  The thing to keep in mind is that decans/decanates give us greater detail on the quality of sign in question.  For these “Dreamgirls,” I feel the classic Venus decanate fits them better.  (But, of course, I would see it that way as I’m more of a classical astrologer anyway.)

With Beyonce, Anika and Jennifer all being born during the Venus decanate of while the Sun is in Virgo, it makes perfect sense that they would play women who rise and fall in the Venus profession of entertainment.  Virgo is a sign associated with wholesomeness and hard work. Venus, however, doesn’t thrive in Virgo, generally.  She gets too worn down by the fussiness, messiness, and pettiness surrounding the art rather than the work of  creating art or love itself–her real focus.  So this movie captures beautifully how Venus “falls” in Virgo, but has to regain her wholeness as Venus.  Considering how these three women are born during her decanate in Virgo, they were perfectly cast to tell such a story for this movie in triplicate.

If you want to figure out what you’re decanates are, you can use the chart above if you recognize the astro-symbols or this one:

Sign Domicile ruler Exaltation ruler 0-10 degrees 10-20 degrees 20-30 degrees
Aries Mars Sun Mars Sun Venus
Taurus Venus Moon Mercury Moon Saturn
Gemini Mercury N/A Jupiter Mars Sun
Cancer Moon Jupiter Venus Mercury Moon
Leo Sun N/A Saturn Jupiter Mars
Virgo Mercury Mercury Sun Venus Mercury
Libra Venus Saturn Moon Saturn Jupiter
Scorpio Mars N/A Mars Sun Venus
Sagittarius Jupiter N/A Mercury Moon Saturn
Capricorn Saturn Mars Jupiter Mars Sun
Aquarius Saturn N/A Venus Mercury Moon
Pisces Jupiter Venus Saturn Jupiter Mars

You will have to know what degree your planets are in, or at least how many days you are into the sign, if you’re just looking to understand your sun sign.  For instance, if you were born today, September 7, then you would be born about 14 degrees of (or 14 days into) Virgo by Sun sign.  You would be in the second decan of Virgo, which is Venus.  If you were born February 26, for instance, you would be born 7 degrees/days into the 1st decan of Pisces and you would have Saturn as your decan ruler. (Again, this is for your Sun sign. This may not be true for your other planets!)  So you might be a more serious Pisces (by Sun sign) than someone born 10 days later when the decan ruler is Jupiter.  This might help you understand why people born under the same sun sign behave differently, besides the fact that they may be born at completely different times, years and places.  Isn’t astrology wonderfully complex?

6 Responses to “Celestial Screencasting: Virgoan Dreamgirls…”

  1. Carol Says:

    Hi Sam,

    I am Virgo 23 degrees (I think) which would be Mercury. Since Virgo’s ruling Planet is Mercury does that mean I’m a serious Virgo?

    Thank You


  2. Carol Says:


    Thank You. I happened to look @ my chart incorrectly and it’s 28 degrees Virgo (duh) Lol!…….but it makes your comment even more valid. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.



  3. SheekWeek Says:

    I’m all Mercury

  4. ProfessHer Says:

    I’m August 25. What does the first/Sun decan mean for this Virgo on a day that I’ve been told falls within the Leo-Virgo cusp? (BTW: I’ve just discovered you on Twitter and may soon schedule a reading, as I love your FAQs and experiential/critical/intellectual marriage of astrology and spirituality!)

    • return2thesource Says:

      Thanks, ProfessHer! Firstly, in true astrology (as compared w/ our marketing in newspapers), there is no such thing as cusps…only people who don’t know what time they were born. So having your sun come up in the decan of the Sun means that you’re a solar kind of Virgo, sunnier than a more Mercurial virgo, more inclined to having and using authority. It may strengthen and assuage some of the natural penchant for Virgo to worry, fret and flitter. It can make you a bit more grounded.

      I also like how you describe my style. Yes, it is an experiential/critical/intellectual engagement of astrology and spirituality. Well said and thanks, again! I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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