Strange moments in astro-counseling…

Astrology is an art of mirroring, not so much about causality as some would make it out to be. Earth mirrors the heavens, as the heavens mirror the Earth and it all mirrors the Divine.  But sometimes the mirroring gets, well, weird when you’re an astrologer.

A client asked me a few weeks ago to look at her compatibility with her boyfriend.  Easy enough as I look at synastry (or compatibility between two people based on their pictographic reflections of heaven at their time of birth) frequently.  There was one interesting twist this time: he was born, literally, the day before I was.  I knew his chart all too well, in fact.  Although he doesn’t know his birthtime, there’s much of his chart that’s very close to mine. In fact, the parallels are uncanny. He does a lot of work with technology (as I do); he’s standoffish and guarded about his time (as I am); he researches everything (as I do); and he loves intensely (as I do too). I met him one night recently and we were both wearing plaid shirts. I have only one plaid shirt that I decided to wear on a whim.  Interestingly, one of his current problems with her centers around her being rather untimely and slow-moving (as he puts it). I have had the same problem with her as she’s been woefully late to both of our appointments–a full session that comes with the follow-up.  I talked to her about all of this and even the upcoming transits, which I knew well enough because they’re my transits too.

We may mirror each other, but we are different people.  Light doesn’t gleam off of one mirror the same way in the same location, so it certainly won’t reflect the same way with two different mirrors. My current Saturn-Saturn opposition* has found me much more comfortable working as a hermit in my house, but I am also not in a relationship.  He will have to find his way to deal with his own relationship and his issues as I find my own.

In the interim, I marvel at how my client found me to look at their two charts. This time I not only held up a mirror to her, as I do most times when I cast astrological charts, I became kind of mirror for her and myself as well. I had to reflect on my own vices and virtues in a different way and see a different permutation of what could have been me. I also couldn’t pretend to be completely objective without realizing that part of me was also the subject in question. I guess that’s more often true than I want to recognize. This session with my client became a reminder of my own inter-subjectivity rather than thinking the chart or the mirror speaks for itself.  It never does.

*A Saturn-Saturn opposition happens when you’re about 14 years-old and then again at 42 years old when the Saturn in the sky is in the sign (and degree) opposite to where Saturn was when you were born. It signifies a time when you must carefully take an accounting of the time you’ve had on Earth and see if you’re fulfilling your life purpose and reaping from your work efforts.   It also throws a light on how you’re dealing with your social status in life.  (At 14, though, the Saturn-Saturn opposition feels like your life has become “The Breakfast Club”)

One Response to “Strange moments in astro-counseling…”

  1. seann Says:

    thanks for the insight. I just took a look at my natal chart to have a look at what I will have to deal with when I am in my forties. Hmm I thought I had already studied this chapter in my life lesson plan.

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