Ecce Homo

Rev. Eddie Long, pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church just outside of Atlanta, GA, has marched and vociferously argued against homosexuality for nearly a decade.  When recent newstories broke about accusations that Rev. Long coerced young adult men into sex with scriptural justification and gifts, the irony became a rare and inviting delicacy of gossip and snark for some. For others, it made them sick to their stomach and left them with a chill down their spines.  Rev. Long has neither claimed innocence nor confessed guilt. On Sunday, during his first public address since the story broke, he said, “I have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man. But I am not the man that’s being portrayed on the television. That’s not me. That is not me.” So who exactly is being portrayed?

Ecce Homo is Latin for “Behold the Man.” It’s what Pontius Pilate said about Jesus as he sought one last (ungranted) reprieve from the mob who wanted him crucified.  A reprieve could be exactly what Rev. Long sought when he gave his sermon to his congregation last Sunday or it could have been what he anticipated he might need one day during this confusing yet revealing clip:

The most revealing part comes about nearly four minutes into the clip. He says “that there are certain folks that you’ll mess up their relationship with God if you bring them too close” to you. “You need someone who can look at you and say that we have this treasure in an earthen vessel.” I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of pressure.  Who wants the job of being a stand-in for God until some poor misguided soul realizes you’re not? Why set up a recipe for disaster like that?  Who would want to create a role for himself that bodes nothing but a life of secrets as to “protect” his congregation? It seems that Rev. Long does and his astrological chart augurs just that fact.

Eddie Long's chart

I don’t know Rev. Long’s actual birth time, but I’ve guessed him to be an Aquarius rising, because I understand he’s fond of having an entourage, his unconventional approach to his faith and how the planet of confusion and illusion, Neptune, rests on his rising sign right now.  It also makes sense to have the ruler of his ascendant, Saturn, in the sector of his chart that relates to religion and spirituality and ironically bound together at the hip with Neptune.  But the standout aspect for me is his Sun-moon conjunction in Taurus.

In an astrological chart, the principle of the Sun represents the Divine or the Spirit in our lives, our sense of purpose and our willpower. The Moon represents how we reflect and embody that Divinity in our day to day lives. This entails how we respond to the world around us with our physical, mental and emotional bodies.  When the Sun and moon are conjoined in one sign, as in Rev. Long’s case, there’s an convergence of a Divine sense of purpose and how we respond to that sense of purpose in our daily lives.  But this convergence can be blinding and we, in turn, lose objectivity.  We see ourselves as Divine rather than realizing that we reflect the Source.

This is what an earthen treasure looks like!

(Under)Armor of God!

(Under)Armor of God!

This lack of objectivity is exactly what I see when I look at these photos.  Considering that Eddie Long has this Sun-Moon conjunction in Taurus, an Earth sign, it seems clearly evident that he’s enamored with the forms that Spirit takes, whether that be his own body or other material forms, like money or exquisite clothes, furnishings, etc.  (Earth signs deal with the material realm and forms.) The strong Earth flavor of his chart would also heighten his love and interest in sensual delights and pleasures.

Beyond his fascination with the physical (and his current legal woes), where he may be doing his flock a greater disservice is confusing his role as a pastor as the Sun itself rather as a reflection of the light, like the moon.  I believe a pastor’s role is NOT to stand in for God at anytime for anybody, but to stand in for his or her congregation’s own humanity as they strive to realize their Divinity.  In the Bible, “Ecce Homo” was a key moment for the public to behold an all too human Christ, not a “covered” one or a stand-in for God who couldn’t be seen as frail, weak or even “passing gas.” This is where Rev. Long is too beholden to his chart and himself to see clearly.

Using the “Long” way of a “non-denial denial’ and I will not speculate, using his chart, about his guilt or innocence with his upcoming lawsuits. However, I will predict that he’s going to need more than 5 smooth pebbles for each of his lawsuits. (And I do hate how he’s positioned himself as David against Goliath. Who’s Goliath? His young accusers?  Really? I think not.)   It’s not that I don’t think it’s impossible that Rev. Long could do such a thing as he’s been “portrayed.” Actually, it’s an all too human thing for Rev. Long or many in power to do. It always has been. For the sake of his congregation, his family, his accusers, his forward-marching hairline, and his out of control ego, I hope he realizes this, stops “covering” and let us behold the man, clothed in his own humanity.


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