What astronomers don’t get about astrology…

With all the hoopla about Ophiuchus, an astronomer on twitter sent me a link to this article.  This passage stood out for me:

“They don’t have to justify anything, after all, astrology isn’t a science. It is a trust in some kind of higher power (i.e. magic) that we have to believe is there. So long as astrologers make vague predictions about people’s lives, and there are believers who will pay for these predictions, modern astrology is going nowhere.”

Here are some things that the stood out for me that reveals the ignorance of astronomers about astrology:

1) I agree with astronomers. Astrology isn’t a science in how they understand science. It’s not a science in the modern sense of the word because astrology is not about objective measure or replicable results–the key demands of modern science.  However, that doesn’t invalidate it as a form of knowledge any more than psychology, education, literature, ethnic studies, religion, sociology, qualitative research or any other host of academic pursuits.  It’s only science that maintains that all aspects of the world has to have objective measure to be real or true.

2.) Many don’t recognize that astrology is one part of an articulate philosophy that connects many different forms of practices, including tarot and numerology. From where I understand astrology at this time, Kabbalistic thought is what informs most of astrological ideas.  In fact, astrology articulates ideas/concepts while the planets and constellations are the visible manifestations of these principles. Astrologers believe “as above, so below; as within, so without; as the Cosmos, so the soul.” It’s not magic any more than faith or religion embraces magic. It is a system of understanding that projects terrestrial consciousness into space.

Unfortunately, many astronomers only want us to believe that the cosmos has no soul or no Divine point of origin. So Stephen Hawking can make arrogant claims that the Cosmos has no need for God with only mathematical proofs. But the need and idea of most of human experience can’t be seen by math alone. They are experienced. This is what astrologers get about the cosmos that our scion, astronomy, doesn’t.

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  2. Ayesha Grice Says:

    Scientists and most astronomers only deal with left brained thinking, what they can see is what they know. One scientist told me that he was taught “if you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist”. Precisely! Astronomer’s only recently figured out that Dark Matter exists and that it actually magnetically affects all the objects in space. Why did it take them so long to figure it out? Because they didn’t have the instruments to measure it.
    For me, these so called knowledable people are emotionally and spiritually retarded because they’ve totally negated the existence of a Higher Power. They can identify only what they see but have no clue of what it means. In ancient times the astronomers were the apprentices of astrologers, doing the match and writing down what they saw. The astrologer was the interpreter that brought meaning to what was seen.
    The astrologers took a whole brained approach that included left brain and right brain. Stephen Hawking is a great scientist but we have to keep in mind that he’s only dealing with the left hemisphere of his brain. At this stage in his life probably his pineal gland has calcified and he is unable to access the right brain thus he is incapable of believing in the things he cannot measure or see. Pardon my arrogance, but to me, most scientists are emotionally and spiritually retarded half brained egotists :o)

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