Uranus in Aries–What does it mean and for whom?

I’m barely outta bed and I’m reading about an 8.9 earthquake in Japan and tsunamis alerts along the Pacific basin, including up to the west coast of the US.  This is all overshadowed, in my mind, by the fact that Uranus is going into Aries again after 83 years. It happened briefly in May but this time is for the next seven years. Interestingly enough, the last time Uranus was in Aries, there was another major earthquake in Japan and just 9 days shy of today, March 2, 1933. I talked about the powerful force of Uranus’ entry into Aries on my facebook page recently, and I got a very insightful post from my friend and great astrologer William Stickevers.  Here’s what he posted:

“Major upsets and reversals in the making. The Sun-Uranus alignment along the World Point at 0 Aires is a unique event in many ways. The last time there was a Sun-Uranus-Aries World Point alignment was in the 7th Century during 671 – 672 A.D. during a politically unstable period in Japan when Emperor Kōbun reigned briefly as emperor, followed by his uncle Emperor Temmu who overthrew his nephew in a brief but violent battle called The Jinshin War.

The next time we can expect this exceptional astrological alignment to occur will be in the 25th Century in 2430, when according to science fiction author Isaac Asimov Earth will have established a totally balanced and ecologically stable society.

According to the early 20th century astrology Reinhold Ebertin, the Sun-Uranus alignment probable manifestation is, “A sudden turn in life, improvement of [one’s] living conditions, a change of place or vocation, [and the] carrying out of innovations and reforms.” -The Combination of Stellar Influences, page 82. AFA edition.

According to Ebertin the Sun-Uranus alignment combined with the Aries World Point can summon consciousness of purpose and objective with urge to achieve something of significance. It emboldens one to advance in life and provide the enthusiasm, passion, courage to individuate. Thus this alignment can rejuvenate the spirit and inspire one toward originality, creativity, and imagination.

On a personal level this alighment alignment can help you make some changes allowing yourself to be open to different ways to break up your daily routine. If you have been repressed by lifestyle that no longer serves your higher-purpose, then this will be a time where many will be inspired and to constructively rebel against everything or anyone who limits one’s freedom.

This alignment will invoke many new ideas and will surge from the well-spring of your imagination and you become inspired to become involved in a number of special ventures. Also, for many it will give you them the desire to eliminate many of the old patterns that they have been following without question until now and embark on a new course that will produce a great change and a revolution in their lives.”

Mr. Stickevers focused in on the Sun-Uranus conjunction that happens in the next week or so as the Sun goes into Aries. But generally Uranus in Aries ushers in a profound time to be concerned with all things Arian. This includes new ventures, bold undertakings, innovations; but it also includes the other aspects of Aries that we don’t like to with like national aggression and the need to begin anew when all other systems fail us.  In fact, the seed for the American revolution was sown as Uranus was in Aries.  The Earth is quaking and shaking, but we can expect more rumblings around the world.

Uranus in Aries also has great significance for those born with Uranus in Scorpio (roughly for those born between November 1974-November 1981). I wrote about this in May, but now that Uranus is fully in Aries, perhaps the message has greater significance.  Here’s the original post: Get up, Stand up for your Rights

This is a major time of change, perhaps the most change many of us have experienced in our lifetimes.

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