Fate and Free Will — Some sundry thoughts

Ultimately, fate is our contract with the Divine to have flesh bonded to Spirit.  It is our bond to life itself and manifests as the bonds or attachments that we have to our bodies, families, religion, ethnicity, gender, and country.  It also manifests as the bond we have to our character and approach to the world, despite our other bonds and attachments.  This is what we call our Soul.

However, our free will is that aspect of Divinity that we still maintain that allows us to choose other bonds we can make.  It is our ability to endow rather than be compelled by bonds already in place.  This is why a 4X3 room can be a prison cell for one man and the safest and dearest place on Earth for another.  However, for an animal, like a tiger, a 4X3 will be a cage, regardless. His bond to form is both literal and limited.    Only human beings have the unlimited ability to take our Spirit-power and endow it with a bond that may not be there otherwise.   This is also the basis behind magic, for instance.  By using certain correspondences to our advantage, we can endow an object and bond it to us with certain properties to alter existing bonds somewhat.  It is a question of how much, but yet we can do so.  Free will is our ability to freely direct Spirit power to create and make other bonds.  Of course, there are bonds, attachments or contracts already in place; however, our free will allows to modify some of these attachments and contracts, much like a rider or an addendum alters an existing contract.

In computer speak, free will would be like Wi-fi.  You can go anywhere you want once you’re on the Web, but if your fate is that the Wi-fi is down or you don’t have the apparatus to do so, you won’t get on.

2 Responses to “Fate and Free Will — Some sundry thoughts”

  1. ladybuddha Says:

    You’re such a human supremacist.

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