Harold Camping vs. Astrology: Is the Rapture going to happen on Saturday?

As the story about the Rapture became popular again because a preacher named Harold Camping said it was coming on May 21, 2011 to kick off the end of the world 5 months later, clients and friends started asking me if astrology testified to that.  Per my usual, I’ve been reluctant to look at a chart for bullspit sensationalized news items like this. But today I did.

There’s a couple things that stands out about this chart.

First, Mars, the ruler of the Scorpio ascendant, is both directly opposite by the same exact degree. In other words, the ruler HATES what the event suggests and there’s likely to be quite a lot of anger surrounding the event. It doesn’t help that Mars is tied at the hip with Mercury and Venus, so there’s bound to be some confusion and some heated words.  I suppose a lot of this is going to be directed at Camping, actually.

The other stand out, and there are several for this event, is the Sun is exactly square Neptune by degree.  This aspect speaks of disillusionment and confusion as well.  I think with the Sun in Gemini, we can imagine we’re dealing with Mercurial issues, like calculations and forecasting for the event, so it’s likely that there’ll be some fussing. (Remember, Mars and Mercury are tied at the hip here.)

It also doesn’t help that the Sun, the ruler of the top of the chart–the Leo 10th house–what we all can see about this event, is in the 8th house of trouble and distress and has a challenging relationship with Neptune, the planet of illusion and illumination. Unfortunately, with the 8th house involved, there may be some people who may despair enough about this that they may actually feel like dying…or killing. (I’ve said on twitter that ACS should be on high alert for all families involved with Camping’s predictions.)

Well, why don’t I think all these same symbols could mean confusion for the masses of people who could be left behind if the Rapture really comes? For me to be convinced that this is a significant event, I would need to see more heavy hitters actively involved in this chart.  All the heavy hitters, the planets from Jupiter out to Pluto, except Neptune, are in what we call cadent houses (3rd, 6th, 9th or 12th houses) and these houses are places that have trouble manifesting much of anything clearly.

Lastly, the moon is void of course. That means that the moon isn’t going to connect to another planet until some time the next day and doesn’t promise yielding anything that looks like a rapture or cataclysm at all. When the moon is void, it’s time to chill because pushing to make anything happen isn’t going to work.

So my vote is on astrology and no rapture, not Camping. In fact, I hope he has a good security detail as he’s likely to need it.  Poor man.

2 Responses to “Harold Camping vs. Astrology: Is the Rapture going to happen on Saturday?”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Sam, why is this chart set for 6:00 pm May 21 in Los Angeles? If the “rapture” is supposed to occur at 6 pm local time for each part of the world, wouldn’t it be appropriate to cast the chart for Greenwich, UK or somewhere else on the line of 0 Longitude, as that is where it would occur first? (there’s so many problems with the details of this rapture baloney that I doubt there is an adequate way of looking at a chart for it). If this is a horary chart, I’m curious why you didn’t cast it for the local time and place of the astrologer.

    • return2thesource Says:

      Simple. Camping has been on record as saying that the rapture along with a major earthquake will hit the US, after having started far earlier in New Zealand, at 6p Pacific time. That’s it. So I picked Los Angeles as a major city. I could have also picked the earthquake that’s supposedly starting in New Zealand, but the 6p time was the most clearly news documented time I could find. I actually don’t think the time matters in this case for the reasons you point out. It’s not a horary chart, though.

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