Chiron in Pisces: Coming home

I’ve been a Chiron skeptic for most of my astrological career.  I know it’s kinda silly to be an astrologer and skeptical of other aspects of astrology, but things have to make sense to me. And most explanations of Chiron just didn’t. I couldn’t wrap my around the pat answers of it being the wounded healer or representing the part of your chart where you’re in need of healing. Pardon me for asking the obvious, but doesn’t and couldn’t the whole chart represent areas of your psyche where one needs healing?  It’s kind of how I feel descriptions of Pluto as the transformation planet are as useless. Aren’t all the planets agents or symbols of transformation?

Anyway, to add insult to never-ending injury,  people would feel compelled to take the joke too far by saying even crazier stuff like Chiron is the ruler of Virgo or whatever.  Then nearly three months ago, after many years of gnashing of teeth and really struggling to make sense of Chiron, I found my way to an understanding of the comet/planetoid. I published my thoughts as a chirpstory, based on my tweets on twitter.

In the last month, Chiron’s deeper meanings have hit even more at home since I started swim lessons at the Harlem YMCA.  I have basically known how to “survive” in water since going away in my pre-teen years at Cradle Beach Camp, a Fresh Air Mission summer camp. But I didn’t really learn how to swim. So when I went to the Y, I didn’t go for any grand reasons like to finish unfinished business. I just wanted to beat the heatwave that I thought would continue a lot longer than it actually did this summer.

In interim, I found myself in a giant pool wanting to do more and I couldn’t. I looked on the schedule and saw the Y had adult classes when I was free in the evenings.  My first class was great!  I had a Jamaican guy who basically nurtured my basic learning nature of full immersion or sink or swim.  He wasn’t so much about structured steps as much as learn this component, practice it and then learn by doing.  That day I nearly swam the length of the pool for the first time in life on my own.

The second class was with a different instructor who reminded me a lot of my father, oddly enough. He was big, with a wit that mocked you and disarmed you at the same time and a fairly methodical, prop-laden approach.  I struggled in that class and went from feeling confident to being able to swim the length of the pool to wanting to trade in my swimming cap for a dunce cap.  The remarkable thing about that class is that it prompted me to get to the pool more to practice.  And more than most things I’ve attempted to learn, it was a JOY to practice.  As someone who trains folks in learning new things, I knew that it was key to figure out things with my own body, not attempting to intellectually picture it in my head what I had been instructed. I also realized that the success of my first class was a mix of beginner’s luck and my teacher’s appreciation for effort more than demonstration of technique. Not knocking it as much as the second class (and subsequent ones) frequently reveals the hard part.

And it did. I had to do something that I often don’t like to do often or that I do well: trust.  And it wasn’t about trusting my instructor or his instruction. I had to trust the water.  I had to surrender.  Intellectually, I got early on that most of swimming was allowing the water and our natural reactions to the water to do its work…without panic. Swimming is definitely more about the practice of getting in your body than the panic of it.  If you panic, you are likely to drown or end up with a lot of water up your nose.

With a Chiron in Pisces in the part of my chart representing my body (my 1st house), I think it’s reasonable that I would have a problem with surrendering into my body.  I was born with spina bifida, so it hasn’t always been comfortable being in my body, especially since the first 20 years of my life were spent getting surgeries (25 of them).  However, my health has mostly been good when I’m eating right and exercising. I may have to get a hip replacement within 5-10 years my doctor tells me, but perhaps my active working out will keep it at bay for 10-15 years. We’ll see.

Regardless, my own lessons with futility, as I’ve come to understand Chiron, is learning to trust my body to a process or a state that’s beyond my control, while at the same time learning a set of motions that helps me cooperate with this process. And learning to swim has already shown me what the other side of futility can look like if I’m willing. It’s realizing that you can either fail or exceed your expectations, but only if you’re willing to let them go.  I didn’t have to beat the heat this summer in a pool. I had to beat myself.

12 Responses to “Chiron in Pisces: Coming home”

  1. Nicole, Ph.D. (@ndcollier) Says:

    Why would it be silly to be an astrologer and be skeptical of some aspects of astrology? As an educator I’m definitely skeptical of some aspects of education. lol

  2. Abella Jucy Arthur Says:

    Not silly! To me, being skeptical is a healthy and prudent quality all the way around.

    I have Chiron Aries in the 3rd house. My voice hasn’t always been heard very well and I have a lot of pain around that. I have a lot of good things to say but it’s hard for others to hear and consider it. That of course, could have to do with how I present information. Anyway…

    A little Chiron story: When I was young, some family members would silence me by putting their hands over my mouth. That lead to me having a problem speaking in front of authority figures. I would get all jumbled up because I didn’t have an opportunity to fully express myself or learn how to express myself fully in a short period of time. 😛 (I’m still pretty chatty sometimes, like here!! hehe) I was trained into believing no one would spend more than 30 seconds to hear what I had to say and because I had so much to say, I was torn on what exactly to push out so it all came out in a jumble. Through extensive self-development, I have overcome (to a large extent) being jumbled up and I now see all as equals, no matter their position.

    “…doesn’t and couldn’t the whole chart represent areas of your psyche where one needs healing?”
    Yes, I think it does.

    “It’s kind of how I feel descriptions of Pluto as the transformation planet are as useless. Aren’t all the planets agents or symbols of transformation?”
    On one hand, yes. On the other hand, no.

    Pluto, in my mind, IS the planet of transform or destroy. The Moon doesn’t demand that nor does Saturn. In fact, they would rather tell you to “stick to or learn to lie with what you got”. But, metaphorically, all planets can be agents and symbols of transformation. Such as: Through sticking to and sitting with what you got, you can stop stretching for what you don’t have, and that can be transformational for many.

    As for rulers, I think Chiron is ruled most likely by Pisces though Virgo and Sagittarius have their place. I feel this way for a number of reasons but the biggest one being: Pisces accepts and is compassionate and heals from the inside out.

    LOVE, Love, love your Chirp story!!
    I think I’ll set up my own in the future.

    The first house is also how we ‘enter’ the world and you entered ‘physically wounded’ as it relates to, or is due to, Piscean themes.

    Thanks for sharing your personal story and astrological impressions.
    Much love ♡,

  3. Motha Nature Says:

    Bravo!! WonderFull that you are Willing, Evolving and Open to the process of swimming as well as learning more about yourself! Now, I Am Encouraged to “beat myself” as I accept healing in those areas of my psyche that need it most.

    Thanks for sharing. 😉

  4. Ayesha Grice Says:

    Maybe I’ll take look to find out where Chiron is in my chart…a student of mine got into Chiron big time, many moons ago and I just pooh poohed the whole idea. I rejected the idea because I wasn’t willing to learn another thing…after all dealing with the signs, planets, houses, aspects, wasn’t that enough? Anywayze congratulations on learning to swim. I swim laps three times a week and bless the day when I finally learned how to move through the water freely and unafraid. It’s my cool out time, prayer time (do prayers in the water) and time to reconnect with the higher frequencies. I tell folks that swimming is the only sport that could save your life. We started this journey in the aminotic fluid of our mother’s womb and for most of us we felt safe and protected before the waters broke. Thanks for sharing…love & light, Ayesha

  5. Jack Hyde Says:

    I have Chiron conj. my north node, in my first house, out of orb opposition to my 8TH house sun, which is square that uranes/saturn conj. in the 9th, Insights???

    • return2thesource Says:

      Thanks for writing, Jack. I generally don’t like to riff about aspects without looking at the whole chart. I’m also confused by something. How does an 8th house Sun square the Uranus-Saturn conj in the 9th? Would you consider getting a session as that will allow me to concentrate more on bigger issues you’re asking, I suspect.

      • Mary Lawson Says:

        Money, honey, that I don’t have.

      • return2thesource Says:

        I understand. Times are hard. I hope they get better for all soon.

      • Mary Lawson Says:

        My Uranua/Saturn is in early Gemini, almost on 10th cusp. I have studied enough to know that I do not have an ‘easy’ chart. My 8th sun is in early Pisces, and yes, square to that conj.-

      • return2thesource Says:

        I still would have to see a chart as I use whole sign houses, so the set up would be different than how you’ve put it. Perhaps as Chiron goes over your Sun, a solution will present itself or you’ll be in the space for me to read your chart as a consult. Regardless, all the best…

  6. Lady Turnbull Says:

    Hey Samuel. My studies have led me to believe that “Chiron” is the “wounded healer,” wherein… OK, this is how it was put to me: A person that’s been sober for many years, his or her life is on the right track. They are a walking-success story. And instead of enjoying their current blissful existence, they return to “that world”, to help to heal others that are where he/she was. i.e.: A rehab counselor.

    This has been my sole understanding of Chiron…till now. Thanks Samuel.

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