Thoughts about supposedly nasty mofos known as malefic planets…

In traditional astrology, there are two planets that are considered malefics: Mars and Saturn. Modern astrologers tend to abhor the word malefics and I can’t blame them. But I still think the intention to *not* have malefics is wrong-headed. I think it’s all about where your head is actually. If your mind is only on terrestrial desires, then I think it’s okay to think of malefics as malefics. If your mind is oriented toward the spiritual, then the malefics can be Godsends.

Saturn signifies loss, restriction, discipline, structure, societal expectations, societal roles, solitude, deprivation, and maturity. Mars signifies action, desire, anger, wars, fights, destruction, initiative, distinction, and injury. Most of that sounds pretty bad to me. But not all of it.

If we only want to have worldly success and worldly treasures, then rest assured when malefics signify something in your natal chart or perhaps by transit, then they rock your world…and usually not in a good way. That’s what we usually call bad. However, Saturn and Mars can be seen as great liberators because they can be the demolition crew that literally opens your house to see the heavens…perhaps prompting us to reach higher.

If we choose not to reach higher, then stuff just seems messed up. If we reach higher, then they’re really not so bad.

One Response to “Thoughts about supposedly nasty mofos known as malefic planets…”

  1. Lady Turnbull Says:

    First Inez Singleton answered (in one of her blogs) something for me regarding a lingering question I had about “the ones” that are ruled by the sign that’s ruled by Mars & their reported worship of Saturn. Now this blog expounds on that answer even further for me. Thanks.

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