Lessons learned at great cost…Saturn/Jupiter returns

A dying 60 year-old woman decided to come clean about lying under oath on two men she helped to send prison for 20 years. I was touched by the story as I saw how she was having her Saturn and Jupiter returns as does happen between 59-60 years old.  Saturn is in Libra now, the sign associated with justice, so it’s only fitting that she would help to mete out justice for these wrongly convicted men. Unfortunately, over the last 20 years, her body transmogrified her guilt into a cancer that will most likely kill her. Considering that she was a nurse, I suspect the woman has the caring sign Cancer prominent in her chart.  I believe she’s learning a lesson about how to properly care for others.

It’s clear that she cares for her family, particularly her son. Her son was 14 years-old at the time that she helped a zealous detective send two men to prison for a crime that they didn’t or couldn’t have committed.  Her son’s age is interesting because he was having his Saturn opposition, meaning that Saturn was half way from the point when the son was born.  This Saturn opposition is a time a great upheaval in the lives of young people as they struggle to figure out their social responsibilities and allegiances.  He chose to be silent, aligning himself with his neighborhood (rather than the truth) and his mom chose to lie to protect him.  And now, the mom has come full circle and helped give these two men their lives back.

Of course, “At what cost?” is a natural reaction, considering that lying cost her her health and the two men 20 years of their freedom and life. (Although one guy got a settlement for $7.5 million from NYC, it may not be enough to sweeten the bitterness of 20 years lost. But that’s his lesson.)  However, the cost was not the soul of Penny Cameron. And ultimately that’s the pearl of great price and it’s never too late to cherish that.

One Response to “Lessons learned at great cost…Saturn/Jupiter returns”

  1. Lady Turnbull Says:

    So glad she did come clean…finally. Some don’t ever come clean or even come at all, dirty or not, to offer the truth. But I wonder, why didn’t the other guy get a settlement too? He must have been so happy to be free that he just couldn’t see stepping into another courtroom again, even if it was to sue the city/state. So happy for their freedom.

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