How about a Mercury Retrograde with a nice solar eclipse finish for after Thanksgiving dinner?

Or we can make this really simple.  Today, November 25, 2011, Mercury goes retrograde AND there’s a solar eclipse.  My astrology colleague, Gary Caton, does a thorough job of breaking down what this solar eclipse (and a bit about the coming lunar eclipse on Dec. 10th) portends. He says:

“In the short term, this partial solar eclipse is followed in two weeks by a total lunar eclipse. Both eclipses occur during Mercury retrograde. As I suggested earlier this year the Mercury retrogrades in the fire element, along with a total lunar eclipse in air, are going to once again further invigorate the current global conflagrations.”

In explaining the way eclipses function in cycles, he says:

“The Taurus theme tells us it is appropriate to focus on economic issues.”

This is pretty much on track what I’ve been tweeting about with what’s happening in the global financial markets and how it’s inciting people to protest and challenge economic disparities. Essentially, the honeymoons for the new technocrat governments for Italy and Greece are over and that the global economy is bound for some serious shakeups to start manifesting over the next two weeks. Solar eclipses, in my book, usually have a three month window for taking even clearer shape. That’s right in alignment with Gary’s forecast for bigger developments in March.

On a more everyday level, Mercury Retrogrades are nothing to fear.  Here are some insights I’ve shared about it before.

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