All retrogrades are not created equal…

Although Uranus goes retrograde today, I wouldn’t make a big ta-doo about it for individuals. When Mercury (as it does tomorrow), Venus or Mars goes retrograde, it’s a bigger deal for most individuals because these planets are more personal (based on their visible distance from the Earth.) It’s different for Uranus.  Unless Uranus is close to a planet or point in your birth chart, you might not “feel” the retrograde the same way.

For instance, I’m fairly sensitive to the transits of Uranus because the Uranus I was born with, my “natal” one, is in one of the best seats in my chart–my 7th house.  So I usually “feel” some measure of significance and challenge with relationships during that time. It also helps that this retrograde will bring some side-eye to my Saturn in a few months.  That usually suggests some revolutionary (and possibly satisfying) changes in one’s life.  I’m game for that. (Or so I think.)

However, we can expect some setbacks and revisions in a more global context. As I’ve written elsewhere, Uranus is a wake up call for the Uranus in Scorpio generation. So we can expect more talk about the disparity between the have and have-nots.  We might also feel the general shocks of rebellion. Lynn Koiner does talk about how this could affect people who were born with Uranus retrograde as well.

But a retrograde that doesn’t hit a particular planet or point in your chart, generally, is not as powerful or eventful. If you know your chart, then you probably have a sense of when and maybe how a retrograding planet will manifest in your life.  If you don’t know your chart, then you might consult with an astrologer to get a grip on that.  Of course, ahem, you could start with this one, but you can go to one who resonates with you or who has been recommended to you.

2 Responses to “All retrogrades are not created equal…”

  1. Chayah Petersen Says:

    Nice. I’ve been on something new lately when it comes to relationships… the “I don’t need a man, they all want something from me” mentality, which for me… is very different. (Also have Uranus in 7th house [scorpio]) good luck. (Ignoring any references to Mercury retro *Gemini* so that’s always a YIKES!) Thanks Sam!

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