The Pluto Return & America…

In response to a friend’s question about the rising tide of violence and divisiveness in America, I tweeted some of my thoughts, centered around America’s imminent Pluto Return. I storify them here for you.

One Response to “The Pluto Return & America…”

  1. ladybuddha Says:

    i’ve been wanting to write a bit about the violence myself. i suppose i have in some ways – much of my thinking about love and the caring community is spurred in part by what appears to be rising violence. i’m always a little put out when people talk about “gun” violence in particular and the policies around it. you can’t legislate hearts. i agree there should be limits around semi-automatic weapons, but i think focusing on the weapon sans the wielder’s intent misses the point entirely. we can always find creative ways to be hurtful. sadly.

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