Stepping into #Scorpio…

  1. sfreynolds
    The journey into #Scorpio will start a lil different. Let’s start with the fact that I never wanted to be one.
  2. sfreynolds
    I am born on this mystical, mythical creature called the cusp between Scorpio and Sagittarius. It was a no brainer for me: I was a Centaur.
  3. sfreynolds
    If I had to select one. I mean, wouldn’t a sane person rather choose to be a Centaur than a bug? #Scorpio
  4. sfreynolds
    My brother is also a #Scorpio. (His birthday’s tomorrow.) We were both hotheads, but I was the more level headed one. I didn’t want to be…
  5. sfreynolds
    …be like him. Then I had my bout w/ fundamentalist Christianity, so I used to say that I was born under the sign of the Cross.
  6. sfreynolds
    The truth is that I didn’t know how to pick my sign. I read both descriptions and felt like both. I once coined the phrase, “Scagittarius”
  7. sfreynolds
    Well, I developed a crush on an older Gemini woman who was deeply into astrology. She didn’t play my love games, but was a good friend.
  8. I have to remember one day soon to write on the powerful connection between Gemini & Scorpio.  There’s an astrological aspect between them for sure.
  9. sfreynolds
    After getting to know me, she was convinced that I was a Scorpio. I was convinced she was nuts. She had her evidence, tho.
  10. sfreynolds
    I didn’t care. On a lark, looking for an occult book, I met Kofi, of Kofi’s bookshop in N. Philly. He was an astrologer.
  11. sfreynolds
    He asked about my chart. I didn’t know what that was. He offered to do mine at a reasonable rate. I agreed.
  12. sfreynolds
    He said I needed 2 60 min. tapes for the recording. I went. First 15 minutes sounded like BS, personally. Told me the easily deduced.
  13. sfreynolds
    And then it happened. He started talking about things, my family, that he couldn’t have possibly known. Then the #Scorpio arrived.
  14. sfreynolds
    “How do you know that?,” I said very sharply after being quiet for most of the reading. W/o missing a beat, he jovially elaborated. #Aries
  15. sfreynolds
    I definitely felt violated, but couldn’t understand how. I even said, “This doesn’t make sense.” Convinced that he picked up on some cue.
  16. sfreynolds
    I asked him if he knew my Gemini friend. Of course he didn’t. How could these symbols unlock family secrets or things like that? #Scorpio
  17. sfreynolds
    So…in typical #Scorpio fashion, I spent the next 10 years attempting to prove what he did was a trick.
  18. sfreynolds
    My astrology career is the net result of my failure and gives you a sense of what #Scorpio is really about. I am a 29 Scorpio.
  19. sfreynolds
    There is no such thing as a cusp when you know when you’re born. When you’re born at the end, you’re actually more the essence of the sign.
  20. sfreynolds
    In sidereal and tropical astrology, I will always be Scorpio.
  21. sfreynolds
    That’s something I also learned from that jovial #Aries astrologer. Bless him.
  22. sfreynolds
    Now, if u asked me to choose between being the Centaur or the bug, I would laugh at u. I would choose neither. #Scorpio is more than that.
  23. sfreynolds
    #Scorpio has at least 4 or five symbols to it. The #Scorpio is only the first face & most popular. #Scorpio has been symbolized by…
  24. sfreynolds
    ..the Eagle, the Serpent, the Dove, the Lizard, and the Phoenix. I mainly use the Scorpion, the Eagle and the Phoenix.
  25. sfreynolds
    These symbols of #Scorpio represents different layers of being or evolution of #Scorpio consciousness.
  26. sfreynolds
    Some people like to divide #Scorpios into one of these symbols, but one has to be careful abt that. These symbols are not permanent, per se
  27. sfreynolds
    For instance, I definitely would consider #Scorpio Mahalia Jackson an Eagle, but that doesn’t mean that sometimes she didn’t have a sting.
  28. sfreynolds
    But let’s talk about #Scorpio consciousness, although this is also personal. It will reflect some things I’ve always wanted to share.
  29. sfreynolds
    #Scorpio is a sign of Mars. In modern astrology, it also seen as a sign of Pluto. I do not believe this, but #FYI.
  30. sfreynolds
    In #Aries, another sign of #Mars, we see that the energy of Mars is toward defining lines in the external world through sheer power…
  31. sfreynolds
    As a fire sign, #Aries will exhibit more of the Mars tendency to venture out and show forth his/her identity in clear terms.
  32. sfreynolds
    In #Scorpio, a water sign, Mars doesn’t show himself as clearly, but still seeks to define boundaries & make himself known.
  33. sfreynolds
    So in #Scorpio, we’re known for a passion, but we’re described as secretive. That’s Mars acting through the bubbly water.
  34. sfreynolds
    Mars never acts direct in a water sign. This isn’t because we just want to be secretive, but because of something else.
  35. sfreynolds
    #Scorpios live with the horror of wondering if the world is trustworthy. Can we trust the dark that we know we see around us?
  36. sfreynolds
    In this sense, #Scorpio is a response to #Libra, the sign before. With #Libra, we could depend on the rational to guide us out of the dark
  37. sfreynolds
    In #Scorpio, we learn that we have to face the irrational and the encrouching dark of the days with passion & courage. Reason isn’t enough.
  38. sfreynolds
    However, as a water sign, #Scorpio isn’t content to just the wage the battle outside. We wage the jihad (battle) within.
  39. sfreynolds
    This fabled intensity of #Scorpio is the world’s inability to understand that as we’re encountering the world, we are encountering ourselves
  40. sfreynolds
    Unlike #Libra, who weighs the balance to a null set, #Scorpio has no such recourse. All or nothing, baby. 24/7.
  41. sfreynolds
    This is usually the most difficult thing to understand about #Scorpio, even in small things.
  42. sfreynolds
    My mutable #Sagittarius partner has had to adjust to the fact that my concentration is all or nothing. It does not split like hers.
  43. sfreynolds
    For instance, there are dms and @ replies I see in my periphery. They do not exist until I finish my task. #Scorpio
  44. sfreynolds
    This is also why #Scorpios can be tough in love. When a #Scorpio is hurt, we don’t just break up with us. You DIE! You cease to exist.
  45. sfreynolds
    There’s a reason for this. We are born just as the dark of the night overtakes the light. So our consciousness becomes consumed w/ that…
  46. sfreynolds
    At its worst , this consumption about the dark or negative things can lead to obsessive issues of control or power. Fearing for one’s life.
  47. sfreynolds
    This is very real for #Scorpio influenced souls. #Scorpio believes that there’s a self to protect, like a true Mars child, but the hazard…
  48. sfreynolds
    …the hazard is that we may seek to protect ourselves on too many fronts, have too many fears about how we can be extinguished.
  49. sfreynolds
    The moment a #Scorpio realizes that there is something in him/her that cannot be extinguished than we move into #Eagle realms.
  50. sfreynolds
    We no longer have to live in the fear of the #Scorpion (arachnid), can transcend our limited awareness and freakin’ soar!
  51. sfreynolds
    But our eyes (internal or external) eyes are still attuned 4 seeing what’s not easily visible or what still lurks in the dark, like an Eagle
  52. sfreynolds
    This goes along with the notion that #Scorpio love secrets. Love is a strong word.Our minds are just made for what might be lurking around.
  53. sfreynolds
    The difference is between the #Scorpion phase & Eagle phase is that we aren’t looking out of fear, but for a diff. level of sustenance.
  54. sfreynolds
    Once a #Scorpio stops making this world his/her soul focus, then s/he can focus on other inner worlds or more transcendent worlds.
  55. sfreynolds
    #Scorpions can be very, very spiritual people, even if they don’t subscribe to any particular religion or idea.
  56. sfreynolds
    At bottom, #Scorpios are looking for the light while keenly aware of the darkness around them.
  57. sfreynolds
    When we catch more of a glimpse of the light–hope, love, divinity, whatever, and give intense focus to that, we move toward the Phoenix
  58. sfreynolds
    But you can catch a #Scorpion at any one of those phases in a day. Although the avg. #Scorpio usually stays w/in a range of phases.
  59. sfreynolds
    This concern about life/death or light/darkness is at the heart of the #Scorpio, processing both until one can transcend it.
  60. corvida
    @sfreynolds I swear I came to an understanding last night how trying to protect yourself so much can be a destructive thing. cc @dcap
  61. sfreynolds
    However, there are some dangers with these concerns, beyond the ones I’ve enumerated so far.
  62. sfreynolds
    As a #Scorpio, I’ve always had mixed but mostly distasteful feelings about our reputations as ho’s of the #Zodiac.
  63. sfreynolds
    Some of this stems from an astrological misunderstanding, but some of it does fit in an odd way.
  64. sfreynolds
    Each sign of the #Zodiac rules a different body part. #Scorpio rules the gonads. Hence, its association w/ sex.
  65. sfreynolds
    However, sex is not the same as sexual organs. And why does #Scorpio rule the gonads?
  66. sfreynolds
    Because in the grand consciousness, #Scorpio represents the essence of preserving life and that’s what the gonads do.
  67. sfreynolds
    In the northern hemisphere, as we see everything around us dying, we also see life procreating. Trees are dropping seeds. #Scorpio
  68. sfreynolds
    This is an image that #Scorpio should contemplate often, because we can tend to focus on the dying part rather than the constancy of life.
  69. sfreynolds
    Anyway, the #Scorpio tendency is to become consumed, so it makes sense that we can sometimes become consumed by “our” body part.
  70. sfreynolds
    We get lured into the portal to “eternal life,” so many may seek to explore that portal of creation/creativity as often as possible.
  71. sfreynolds
    But it may not be for the same reason that our polarity, #Taurus, may explore sex, with pleasure in mind. We may do it for a personal…
  72. sfreynolds
    …personal sense of power, either from the act, from the person, or an admixture of both.
  73. sfreynolds
    Let’s be clear: #Scorpios can get off on power. (One way to keep the dark at bay.)
  74. sfreynolds
    For instance, if you have a #Scorpio child, you have to keep clear lines of power buttressed by reason not brute force.
  75. sfreynolds
    If you beat a #Scorpio too much, s/he will spend a lifetime finding other tools to beat you. Like a child of Mars, they want self-definition
  76. sfreynolds
    This taps into something that’s going to make some uncomfortable, but that I believe is true, based on my observations.
  77. sfreynolds
    #Scorpios can also be secretly or not-so-secretly one of the most arrogant/egotistical signs of the #Zodiac. We’re a proud people.
  78. sfreynolds
    Remember, #Scorpios want power to be able to define themselves, but may not always know how to do that directly.
  79. sfreynolds
    So when #Scorpios achieve power, any kind of power, its merit bade of success. Some of the power is embedded in the sign itself.
  80. sfreynolds
    Let’s face it: a Scorpion, a tiny dispenser of death, is a pretty bad ass image. That’s why so many #Scorps have one somewhere on them.
  81. sfreynolds
    For instance, yours truly has a Scorpion/Phoenix tattooed on his rt. forearm, a big one! (Nothing in simple measure.)
  82. sfreynolds
    I have yet to observe a sign that has as much paraphernalia as #Scorpio.
  83. sfreynolds
    The other “reason” for the pride (and all its hazards) is that it can be used to buffer the ego against extinction.
  84. sfreynolds
    “Life would never crush something/someone who values herself this much!” #Scorpio, that’s a lie. #FYI
  85. sfreynolds
    Nothing ensures your survival, #Scorpio, except grace (or chance if you’re an atheist) & your spirit to shine on thru others.
  86. sfreynolds
    Okay, there’s more, but that’s my #hour of #Scorpio power. There’s lot more to share. I see questions. Let me get out of #Scorpio lock mode
  87. sfreynolds
    I have to say though that I have become fond of #Scorpio lock mode. I can’t imagine splitting my focus over soo much as mutables do
  88. sfreynolds
    I’m not knocking it. I understand it as an astrologer. But it’s hard to imagine it as my 1st choice of doing things.
  89. sfreynolds
    It is hard for others though, especially partners or friends who need attention.
  90. OneStopItaly
    @sfreynolds For me these have been the most pertinent and amazing of all yr insights. Thank you for your time in doing this. #ScorpioRising

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