Taking a stand…Stand with me…

Not going to play any “stars as objective commentary” games with you. I stand with President Obama with this election.  He’s not a perfect man or president. I am very unhappy with many aspects of his foreign policy, especially some of his sentiments about Iran, actually.  I despise his use of drones. And I recognize that we have an ongoing struggle about our civil liberties as evident in his extension of the Patriot Act and NDAA.

However, I also recognize a man who has brought an improved health care system to America. I see a President who has stood up for my gay friends, their partners and their interests when no other President in US history has. I also appreciate a President who has made some solid effort to challenge the rapaciousness of the finance industry with the Credit Card Bill of Rights, for example. I think he’s earned another term.  Mitt Romney is a candidate, who even according to the Salt Lake Tribune (an editorial staff who should know him best), “doesn’t even deserve a first.”  If you have trouble recalling what President Obama has done, you might do well to start here.  I’ve also written about my “feelings” about Mitt Romney at my site.

So I’m willing to put my money where my convictions (and vote) will be on election day, November 6th.  I know Mercury is retrograde on election day, but we don’t have to relive the same scenario as it happened in November 2000. We can ensure the President has the resources to prevent theft and shenanigans on that day.  We can also ensure that enough people make up their mind, especially in battleground states like Ohio, Colorado, and Virginia, with ads, ground support, etc. But that requires money and we know that Mitt Romney will level any amount of money to become President…just because he wants to be president, not because he actually has a detailed plan of action.  So I want you to stand with me. Here’s how:

I will donate $25 to President Obama’s campaign for every session that a client books with me from today until November 5th, the day before election day.  That means for you:

A $99 60-minute session is $74 with $25 for re-electing President Obama.
A $50 30-minute session is $25 with $25 for re-electing President Obama.

A 30-minute consult allows us to explore a specific issue, like a relationship, a question or problem, within 30 minutes, roughly. It’s unrecorded.

A 60-minute sessions allows us to have up to 60 minutes to cover more about your natal chart (a picture of where the planets were at the time of your birth), including what’s going on now and what’s coming up over the next six months. The session’s recorded as an .mp3 for you to play on your favorite mp3 device or on your computer.  You can find out more about what’s entailed in either session and how to book one here.

I stand with President, because I believe he has mostly stood up for an America I know.  Stand with me.

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