A public astrological experiment…

  1. sfreynolds
    Ok, I didn’t realize that, btwn dms & favorites, that people had sent me like 9 charts. I won’t be able to do all of those. 😦
  2. sfreynolds
    But I will definitely do the ones that people sent me 1st & others as I feel inspired. But let me explain what I’m doing here.
  3. sfreynolds
    RT @ninasophia81: @sfreynolds 😦 could I send you mine some time? Do you charge? :|: Yup, I charge. More deets here: http://bit.ly/etHLHU
  4. sfreynolds
    The “experiment” is more of a lasting need I’ve had for awhile to have the space to look at a chart w/o the therapeutic impulse.
  5. sfreynolds
    What I’m doing an experiment for me & teaching exercise for those interested in real astrology on twitter.
  6. sfreynolds
    In other words, I’m muzzling the gentle, sweet angel on my right shoulder as I examine a chart & not softening anything.
  7. sfreynolds
    This doesn’t mean that I’m giving full license to “devil” angel to do harm or be mean. In fact, I’m muzzling him too.
  8. sfreynolds
    I’ve just wanted to look at a chart in a public forum, like this, with a focus on understanding & reading the chart.
  9. sfreynolds
    This is actually what astrologers do at conferences, and it’s fascinating to hear how we talk to each other versus the public.
  10. sfreynolds
    I don’t think it’s a bad thing necessarily to soften or lighten insights, especially for clients. Sometimes the truth can be too stark.
  11. sfreynolds
    But it’s important to feel the freedom to plunge in deep & allow to insights to erupt unfiltered. This is my intention.
  12. sfreynolds
    The teaching will come, I hope, in revealing how I think & process as I look at a chart. No filter.
  13. sfreynolds
    Often in sessions, I’m working double time because I’m translating. Not just the astrology, which is its own language, but refining…
  14. sfreynolds
    …my meaning to communicate in a way that’s familiar. So I won’t be doing a lot of astrologese, but I won’t process the translation.
  15. sfreynolds
    @aaw1976 Yeah, I wouldn’t have done yours. A few secs after I announced this, I realized I didn’t want 2 do any regulars or friends.
  16. sfreynolds
    Again, the rules are that I will not reveal ur name, but the birth info by date/city…
  17. sfreynolds
    Another thing is that don’t look for fairness or consistency. I might do 3 tweets abt 1 chart & 15 for another. It just depends.
  18. sfreynolds
    @aaw1976 No, not that. I don’t want to be responsible for the fall out if I say something too piercing. I want to not care.
  19. sfreynolds
    5/1/1990 Flint, MI This one looks like a plausible chart for Dr. House, an asshole who cares, but doesn’t want to despite himself.
  20. sfreynolds
    A standout is the moon in the 12th house in Leo square the Sun. This augurs a couple things.This person is opinionated abt a great # things
  21. sfreynolds
    Perhaps too much so. He might also speak too much off the cuff, but he’s more likely to be right than wrong.
  22. sfreynolds
    He has the intellect to do a lot, be a real renaissance person, but he might depend too much resting on laurels he’s not yet earned.
  23. sfreynolds
    This is testfied by the exalted Venus & Jupiter in his chart. The moon also supports this kind of behavior.
  24. sfreynolds
    He has a kind of daring that thinks the best way to elicit the best of out of people is to be in their face, for them to prove themselves.
  25. sfreynolds
    This works up to a point, but it doesn’t advance the great potential for his understanding that is afforded him.
  26. sfreynolds
    When he finally does settle in a relationship, he shld recognize his 1st partner is perhaps his best partner. Kiss his/her ass often.
  27. sfreynolds
    He may not do this, because his pride could blind him. Pride is surely his worst enemy. #Finished
  28. sfreynolds
    6/24/1979, Belzoni, MS. No idea there was a Belzoni anything in the US. #Random
  29. sfreynolds
    This is a chart that reminds me of how disheartening talk about being in love can be.
  30. sfreynolds
    She has a strong eastern emphasis, meaning that most of her planets are on the left side of the chart. She’s very self-directed.
  31. sfreynolds
    This doesn’t mean that’s she’s selfish. It means that she’s destined to want to create more of her own reality than be consumed…
  32. sfreynolds
    …in the dynamic of another. However, she has several thorns to her rosy interest in “love.”
  33. sfreynolds
    The standout is the opposition that she has btwn her Venus in Gemini & Neptune in Sag. I’m hearing Sade’s “No Ordinary Love.”
  34. sfreynolds
    She wants an all engulfing love and deep sense of knowing. This is a woman who wants to be deeply penetrated, regardless of orientation.
  35. sfreynolds
    The problem is how she might think about being in love. And that becomes critical.
  36. sfreynolds
    If she thinks being “in love” is about some give and take, some mystical idea of being with the One, than she may experience disappointment
  37. sfreynolds
    It’s not because belief in the One is inherently disappointing. It’s because it’s not what she truly wants.
  38. sfreynolds
    What might be better for her to realize is that she wants to be the BELOVED, not the LOVER.
  39. sfreynolds
    She wants to be the precious rose, the pearl of great price, but she may project that energy on another as though she’ll get what she wants.
  40. sfreynolds
    It’s important that she recognizes that she wants to be recognized as important, avoiding false humility.
  41. sfreynolds
    She must also be careful with a Sun & moon in #Cancer in the 12th house of taking care of others as a means of feeling important.
  42. sfreynolds
    That’s not inherently wrong, but can lead to a certain kind of making others feel beholden to her for her love & care. Creating dependency.
  43. sfreynolds
    This leads to further disappointment & activation of her Venus-Neptune opposition. Also frustration in her own “career” goals.
  44. sfreynolds
    She can be a great caretaker & protector, but she can’t seek to possess folks. Must do it because she can give off that kind of heat.
  45. sfreynolds
    She’s definitely a BOSS and may be big of spirit. But must be careful to be an emotional eater. Gateway to becoming big in other ways 2.
  46. sfreynolds
    Amazing how doing this work works up my appetite, speaking of eating. I might have to have my 2nd breakfast early.
  47. sfreynolds
    3/21/1981, Chickasha, OK. Another #Virgo rising. I’m sure most astrologers might say this woman shld prepare for at least 2 careers.
  48. sfreynolds
    She’s an interesting example of someone who’s had to learn to live her own life on her own terms.
  49. sfreynolds
    She so much has wanted to be a good girl for others (Sat, Jup, Moon, Pluto in Libra) opp to her Sun/Mars in Aries.
  50. sfreynolds
    She may feel at odds with her impulse to be cooperative & considerate w/ a strong need to feel on the edge, 2 exp. some a lil danger
  51. sfreynolds
    She might want to rescue folks or rescue situations that all but seem lost. She cld be the kind who wants to reform roughnecks. #sigh
  52. sfreynolds
    A key place for her to start is develop a more mature understanding of freedom. Freedom ain’t just free.
  53. sfreynolds
    At some point, she may have to stop rebelling against what’s proscribed for her in life by her heritage/family & attend to her needs.
  54. sfreynolds
    It’s also okay for her to have lofty aspirations in her career & for her family that involve her letting her light shine, #gettingGlossy
  55. sfreynolds
    A parting shot: You may struggle w/ your own cuteness & its merits way too much. Stop. It’s yours. Own & use as you like w/o apology.
  56. sfreynolds
    Last one for now. 6/4/1980, Camden, NJ. Of course, leave it to #Gemini to have things a lil more nuanced (complicated!) than usual. 😉
  57. sfreynolds
    A key fear & myth that this person may have is that her turn will never come & hell is recognizing that the less deserving get served 1st.
  58. sfreynolds
    A lot of this is mirrored in the fact that she’s a Cap rising & her patron is in #Virgo w/ Mars & Jupiter in the 9th.
  59. sfreynolds
    There may have been likely some interruption in her education or she hasn’t achieved the scale her intelligence allows her to become.
  60. sfreynolds
    So she may wonder/fear if she’s going to be “surrounded & doomed to work for idiots” for the rest of her life. (No.)
  61. sfreynolds
    The error is a matter of perspective. You can either be the higher functioning one or let melodramatic contempt fuel your ship.
  62. sfreynolds
    It may take awhile for you to achieve your goals and it may be unconventional, but you can do it.
  63. sfreynolds
    You might also think about a way to work from home or a more comfortable environment. I wonder if counseling would also behoove you.
  64. sfreynolds
    Also, have more faith in the Cosmos, rather than fearing that your good turns/gifts are pearls before swine to be ruined.
  65. sfreynolds
    Some people have to give because that’s how they grow. The more you keep to yourself, the more you stymie your own evolution.
  66. sfreynolds
    You are born for service, but that doesn’t mean that you are born to be a servant.
  67. sfreynolds
    Don’t let your contempt mask you from what really is holding you back: your own fear & unwillingness to take a risk.
  68. sfreynolds
    Okay, that’s it for now. Let’s see if I get a chance to do a few more later. I got to think about how this felt. I’ll storify it.
  69. sfreynolds
    Thank you all for your feedback who gave it. Appreciate it.
  70. sfreynolds
    @ninasophia81 You can reach me best by email, but we can do a phone consult. You can sched & pay here: http://bit.ly/QVBkr0

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