A recap of #Capricorn

  1. sfreynolds
    As the warm story-inspiring light of #Sagittarius dissipates, we feel the darkness creep around us w/ our days shortening.
  2. sfreynolds
    At the point of the shortest day, where night and darkness would seem to prevail we step into the mystery & power that is #Capricorn
  3. sfreynolds
    From a spiritual point of view, #Capricorn symbolizes that moment when the darkness of matter SEEMS to prevail over the light.
  4. sfreynolds
    Of course, like much of what I will say about #Capricorn, you must not be taken in by how things…seem.
  5. sfreynolds
    During the 3 long nights that darkness/matter seems to rule, the light is preparing its comeback on the 3rd day, beginning its long trek…
  6. sfreynolds
    …back to ascendancy that it won’t complete until six months later in #Cancer, the polarity of #Capricorn.
  7. sfreynolds
    (This is why you have the demarcations of the tropics of #Cancer & #Capricorn on your maps to document the Sun’s apex & nadir, respectively)
  8. sfreynolds
    Of course, this story of the #Sun we now tell as the birth of the Son at #Christmas. In more ancient times, it was Saturnalia.
  9. sfreynolds
    And a host of other names for other Suns/Sons from Mithras, to Krishna, to Heru/Horus to now, Jesus/Isa ibn/ben Maryam/Mary (the sea).
  10. sfreynolds
    It is no accident that Mary is named for the “star of the sea,” and that Christ, according to myth, would be born as the Sun ascends…
  11. sfreynolds
    …in #Capricorn. #Capricorn is not just the goat, but the sea-goat. This is very important for a multitude of reasons.
  12. sfreynolds
    The 1st reason is that #Capricorn captures the story of the ascendancy of creatures from the SEA, from its lowest depths, to creatures…
  13. sfreynolds
    …on mountaintops, the highest natural heights, for terrestrial life. #Capricorn
  14. sfreynolds
    This captures one of the key essences of #Capricorn: the principle of evolution, transformation from creature of the sea to mountain.
  15. sfreynolds
    This principle symbolizes the journey of consciousness from the limitless sea of possibility 2 the wisdom of constructive knowledge.
  16. sfreynolds
    It is the challenge of #Capricorn to construct possibility into probability, navigating uncertainty with a mission/plan/destiny.
  17. sfreynolds
    This taps into the nether-depths of #Capricorn‘s ruler, Saturn, who signals the patience, perseverance, & discipline to get to the top.
  18. sfreynolds
    & the top for #Capricorn is not always a matter of being society’s idea of the top. It represents a desire for peak experience in the world.
  19. sfreynolds
    This is, at least, one of the reasons why #Capricorn isn’t just about ruthless ambition. There are 2 kinds of #Capricorns generally.
  20. sfreynolds
    Both #Capricorns seek out this process of evolution of “peak experience” in the world via the idea of time. Again, Saturn aka Chronos.
  21. sfreynolds
    Some #Capricorns live with too much awareness of time, so they seek to get to a “top” in a hurry based on societal outlooks.
  22. sfreynolds
    There are other #Capricorns who seek to embody/evolve into time, so they may be late bloomers, seeking to enjoy life as they evolve.
  23. sfreynolds
    One story that’s used to illustrate this lesson of the #GoatFish is Rip Van Winkle. His wife believed time shld be compressed to the top.
  24. sfreynolds
    But Rip was the other type of #Capricorn who wanted to savor time. Ended up falling asleep in a mountain for 100 years, became a celebrity
  25. sfreynolds
    The other mystery about the #GoatFish is that in many myths, this creature is believed to be the earliest teachers of humankind. #Capricorn
  26. sfreynolds
    In fact, both the ancient Sumerians & Dogon people speak of a sea-people who taught humanity from the sea. #Capricorn
  27. sfreynolds
    This goes along with the idea that the earliest givers of the Law s of life were these sea people or even #SeaGoat people. #Capricorn
  28. sfreynolds
    This is why in some Christian iconography, Moses, for instance, & other prophets, are pictured w/ small goat horns: bit.ly/UmPCAJ
  29. sfreynolds
    In fact, the name #Capricorn means “goat horn,” related to the term capricious and cornucopia.
  30. sfreynolds
    At first, this seems at odds with popular ideas of #Capricorn that many ignore on the surface.
  31. sfreynolds
    The #cornucopia, as the horn of plenty, speaks of the sea of possibilities that swirls beneath the surface of #Capricorn.
  32. sfreynolds
    This speaks of both the creativity, fecundity and “horniness” of #Capricorn that’s not discussed enough.
  33. sfreynolds
    Somehow #Capricorn has gotten this reputation of being prudes or too repressed. You fell for the #presskit, yo.
  34. sfreynolds
    And “capricious” also captures the “whimsical” nature that’s beneath the surface for #Capricorn. They can be very whimsical too.
  35. sfreynolds
    RT @CaninApple: @sfreynolds does this have any relation to pan as well? :|: #Pan is very much a #Capricorn sensibility.
  36. sfreynolds
    The other manifestation of the #goat in #Capricorn is as scapegoat in culture.
  37. sfreynolds
    A lot of ppl may project their sins & shortcomings on #Capricorn, bestowing more darkness on creatures born to evolve it into light.
  38. sfreynolds
    Of course, I’m not giving a free pass on scapegoating #Capricorn, but this might explain the nature of why & how it happens.
  39. sfreynolds
    I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. #Capricorn can get burdened with so much more that has NOTHING to do w/ them.
  40. sfreynolds
    That doesn’t mean that their angels that floated down from heaven, but those around them won’t admit their own shortcomings.
  41. sfreynolds
    Take #Capricorn Richard Nixon. Much of the good he did as President has been overshadowed by #Watergate.
  42. sfreynolds
    Of course, he was at the head of #Watergate, but he wasn’t the only. & it was more abt a country losing its sense of innocence. #Capricorn
  43. sfreynolds
    I have a #Capricorn rising client who people attack for pretty much no reason except their own insecurities & fears.
  44. sfreynolds
    @aliensauce Naw, not every sign gets it as hard as #Capricorn, though some do bring calumny on themselves. Then they get extra.
  45. sfreynolds
    This Scapegoat idea is definitely something that has a parallel WITHIN the #Capricorn too. This relates to something else as well.
  46. sfreynolds
    This relates to the sense of #destiny that #Capricorns seem to feel, almost sense from a young age.
  47. sfreynolds
    Sometimes this sense of #destiny sounds fantastical and egoistic, in its worse moments. Or when you don’t feel like hearing it.
  48. sfreynolds
    But in its better moments, #Capricorn reminds us all that we all have someplace that we need to be, that we’re destined to get to.
  49. sfreynolds
    A lighter example of this is how #Capricorn Colin Morgan’s “Merlin” is always talking about his “destiny.”
  50. sfreynolds
    A more profound example is from #Capricorn Martin Luther King, Jr. He felt that he was shadowed by destiny for service…and death.
  51. sfreynolds
    For the record, I do make a distinction between fate and destiny. Fate are your given circumstances. Destiny is what you make of them.
  52. sfreynolds
    #Fate has two hands. One of them is your own. When you work that hand, you now are creating #destiny.
  53. sfreynolds
    #Capricorn also has two faces. This is testified by even the month that has the most #Capricorn days–January.
  54. sfreynolds
    January is named for the Roman god of doorways, Janus, who looks both forward & backward, from origin to destiny. #Capricorn
  55. sfreynolds
    This is why #Capricorn bears the distinction of being old man Time on Dec. 31 and Baby New Year on Jan. 1.
  56. sfreynolds
    (The New Year was not always Jan. 1 and it’s not the New Year everywhere in the world.)
  57. sfreynolds
    In this sense, #Capricorn is the embodiment of both understanding the sea of origin–the past & tradition & having a plan away from it.
  58. sfreynolds
    This requires all the other things associated w/ #Capricorn that I mentioned–endurance, stability, determination, etc.
  59. sfreynolds
    And this perhaps is the most impressive aspect about #Capricorn, what I personally look up to. They will be standing when all else fall.
  60. sfreynolds
    For instance, just think about #Capricorn @llcoolj. He’s the only rapper of his era who has stayed producing/evolving.
  61. sfreynolds
    #Capricorn Muhammad Ali became a three time heavyweight boxing champion…against all odds.
  62. sfreynolds
    #Capricorns are believed to have won more Academy Awards than perhaps any sign of the #Zodiac.
  63. sfreynolds
    I said that people like to count #Leos out too soon. But you should never count a #Capricorn out.
  64. sfreynolds
    And I do extend that to those w/ strong #Capricorn in their charts, including the moon, Mars, Venus, and the ascendant.
  65. sfreynolds
    For instance, y’all tried to count Toure out for the count a few years ago. I saw his #Capricorn moon/#Pisces Sun. Knew you were wrong.
  66. sfreynolds
    I have a lot more to say about that, but I’m gonna pause for now. Inshallah, I have more days to tweet about #Capricorn.
  67. sfreynolds
    Speaking of #Leo-#Capricorn, the only person we know who has put #Leo POTUS on his knees is a #Capricorn, FLOTUS.

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