Awakening to Aquarius…

  1. #Saturn actually rules 2 signs of the #Zodiac, like most of the other 7 planets, except the Sun & the moon.
  2. If #Saturn describes the process of evolution in #Capricorn, then in #Aquarius, his other sign, he describes #mutation, dynamic innovation.
  3. The “water” of #Aquarius is freshness and renewal based a deep and abiding connection to #Truth.
  4. For the record, and many don’t know this, #Aquarius is NOT a water sign, but an #Air sign. They provide connection based on principle
  5. The original idea of #Aquarius is far more terrestrial though. Many attribute its origin to the earliest waterbearer, the Nile.
  6. In fact, one of the lasting attributes of this fact is in the actual glyph for #Aquarius: with “N”
  7. The life giving & truth giving waters of #Aquarius bear a very deep lesson for us and for #Aquarians.
  8. As the “mutation,” Aquarians symbolize original sparks that take what’s outside of the norm (or center) & to bring that to the center.
  9. There are several other ways to bring that idea home. #Leo represents the heart; #Aquarius represents the circulation, esp. extremities
  10. #Aquarius also represents the moment where human beings must come together to form their own light & heat rather than rely on the #Sun/#Leo
  11. #Aquarius represents the audience and the critic while #Leo signifies the actor on stage or the established artist.
  12. #Aquarius is the guerillas fighter for #Truth, Uniqueness, and/or Equality while #Leo signifies the establishment/natural authority
  13. The key thing to understand is that #Aquarius signifies the moment of unique expression of being (one’s personal sense of truth)…
  14. and then the work of both protecting that sense of truth and making sure that others have their sense of truth safeguarded as well.
  15. Most like to think of #Aquarians as oddballs in someway. But here’s what most miss about that…
  16. #Aquarians fundamentally question how we frame “normal,” realizing that there’s a deeper way to live even more authentically.
  17. #Aquarians summon within us how to live with integrity, realizing that principles & uniqueness can’t be separated from being.
  18. As children of #Saturn, #Aquarians examine and challenge the fundamental assumptions by which we construct our realities…
  19. …but the struggle for them is how to maintain that level of insight w/o getting attached to any one particular clique, group or mass.
  20. If anything, #Aquarians strive most to be in-dee-vid-you-als, in the truest sense of the word–truly w/o divisions from their own vision.
  21. This truly is their greatest strength and their greatest weakness: their vision that they recognize as unique 2 them, but they want to share
  22. …however they can be quite idealistic (and sometimes single-minded) about how this vision should work w/ others or in the real world.
  23. This is when #Aquarius can go into flip mode and seem more like #Leos. The guerilla becomes tyrant, fixated on a vision they must force.
  24. Fortunately, this is often not the case. It’s usually the opposite. Others attempt to force #Aquarians to change or adopt the norm. vision
  25. This is fool-hearty. #Aquarians have among the most indomitable wills in the #Zodiac when they have focused on a vision.
  26. Like I said you can’t outpace a #Capricorn, it is remarkably hard to distract #Aquarian once the vision has been set.
  27. For instance, when I saw Will Smith’s “The Pursuit of Happyness,” mid-way, I realized that Chris Gardner had to be an #Aquarian.
  28. I was right. He’s a double #Aquarius, in fact. Once he had it in his mind to be a stockbroker, despite the odds, he was going to be that.
  29. For instance, Charles Lindbergh was an #Aquarian. By hook or crook, he was going to be SMASH records & convention. He did.
  30. Although #Aquarius Rosa Parks had been trained for civil disobedience, once she sat down, she was bound for jail. #Immovable
  31. RT @Copper_Soul: @sfreynolds was that done on purpose? I didn’t want to mess it uop if so. (foolhardy) :|: Oops… nope. It was wrong.
  32. And, again, this harks back to the idea that #Aquarians, once they embrace their “weirdness,” they blaze the path for others to do the same
  33. Aquarians look out for the people, in various forms, who they feel are not heard or seen enough.
  34. So on one pole you have people like Angela Davis, Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Frederick Douglass, Galileo, Edison, FDR…
  35. who articulate a vision for those who somehow don’t have access to the center or who are marginalized. But there’s another side…
  36. I often tease abt the gaggle of conservative Am. conservatives who also feel they’re looking out for those who are marginalized, like…
  37. @sfreynolds realizing the vision becomes more important than what the marginalized actually want. Lol
  38. #Aquarians Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, Andrew Breitbart, Dan Quayle, Glenn Beck, Paul Ryan, Dick Cheney, Allen West…for example.
  39. The conservatives manifest both the iconoclastic sensibility of #Aquarius AND the traditional sensibility of #Saturn.
  40. RT @PinayNoire: @sfreynolds is that where Uranus rule comes in? The idealism? :|: Don’t believe in the #Uranus connection to #Aquarius
  41. However, idealism is a trait that #Aquarius has in spades and it’s refreshing.
  42. #Aquarius both symbolizes the possibilities of the future and sometimes they even seem like they’re from the future.
  43. For instance, #Aquarius Yoko Ono wasn’t just John Lennon’s wife. She was an accomplished performance artist b4 performance art existed.
  44. #Astrologer & #Aquarian Copernicus gave Europe a picture of a heliocentric universe and changed its conception the world for them.
  45. (Please notice how I wrote that last tweet. The whole world DID NOT believe the Sun went around the Earth. Mainly Europe did. #Sigh)
  46. Anyway, that idealism can get #Aquarians in trouble, just like it did for #Aqua Galileo. And this is what I find most remarkable about them.
  47. One of the oddest sets of arguments that I got into in my late 20s/early 30s were with #Aquarians about the concept of #Truth
  48. Let me explain. As a #Scorpio, I have a penchant toward profound cynicism. (I’m in recovery.) I was way off the wagon when I was younger.
  49. One day, I say outloud, w/in earshot of a #Aquarian colleague, at 8 am (longer story), I say, “Truth is a whore and I f*ck her on occasion.”
  50. She went ballistic. “How can you say that about Truth? There is such a thing as Truth…blah, blah, blah.” We debated & she was heated.
  51. Anyway, being the amateur social scientist & astrology skeptic that I was, I decided to test this on other #Aquarians I knew.
  52. I fested on my father, friends, etc. Similar reaction. I did not get this same reaction with my sample of other signs, including my own.
  53. #Aquarians may not believe in anybody’s god, like my girl @IsisPaperzZ, but they do believe that there is more objective measures of #Truth
  54. And it’s much deeper than “objective” truth 4 #Aquarius. It’s also a matter of principle, based on their unique way, desires & vision.
  55. This is why I cringe when I read so much bunk about #Aquarians being “detached.” Here’s my take on that…
  56. First off, I don’t know any detached #Aquarians and I’ve met a lot of them.
  57. But here’s what I would say is “detached” about them…THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR REINDEER GAMES OR YOUR RULES!
  58. I screamed that because it’s critical. If you are whining, again, abt how bad ur cousin mistreats u & ur Aquarian looks zoned out…
  59. …this is not detachment. This is boredom. You ain’t talkin’ about nothin’ that’s gonna change your world, his/hers or the world at large.
  60. And let’s be clear, in some capacity, #Aquarians want to change the world.
  61. This does not mean that #Aquarians don’t care about family or the details of life (though this is true for some). It means that…
  62. …#Aquarians are often focused on what they think the big picture is…and that includes family, etc. But they don’t want to get …
  63. …overwhelmed by the details. Nor anyone else’s social expectations of what they *should* do…
  64. Here is something else I LOVE about #Aquarians I’ve known or my observations. #Aquarians connect to people, not titles.
  65. So for instance, I’ve known #Aquarians who’ve allowed their exes to, say, drive their car after the relationship ends cuz they’re still cool
  66. The relationship doesn’t end because the titles have changed. Nor do some of the amenities. This doesn’t seem to be the way of the world.
  67. People have the expectation that titles and certain boundaries matter. This is very difficult for non-#Aquarians to understand when…
  68. …#Aquarians transgress them. You want ur boyfriend to stop talking to his best buddy #Aquarian ex.
  69. You might be baffled when he may want to show you the door rather than her. #Aquarius
  70. This is because #Aquarians are loyal, especially to their friends. They reflect a key aspect of their own individuality.
  71. So when you ask an #Aquarian to choose between friends, etc., it’s like asking them to cut off an arm. I’m dead serious.
  72. RT @IhuomaOfordire: @sfreynolds does this apply if Aquarius is your rising sign? :|: Yes, much of this applies.
  73. For instance, #Leo Barack Obama always gets in trouble for his “aloofness”/strangeness. Well, he’s an #Aquarius rising.
  74. @sfreynolds yet they are all highly emotional. they just know how to pull the camera all the way back & become logical & analytical
  75. RT @TiPofDaRock: @sfreynolds TRUE! But this causes a problem for the next relationship….. :|: Yes, but that’s someone else’s insecurity
  76. RT @LoveGirlMelanie: @sfreynolds I fell in love with the mind of an Aquarius and that was the one who got away smh.:|: Often #brilliant
  77. I studied w/ #Aquarius Toni Morrison for a semester. She’s so brilliant, I swear I thought I could hear her brilliance pinging when quiet!
  78. RT @KolaBoof: My sister is Aquarius & she’s very religious. @sfreynolds @IsispaperzZ :|: This may be a safeguard against their own genius
  79. #Aquarians spend a lot of time afraid of themselves and their uniqueness or weirdness. Some work against themselves from that fear.
  80. @venomhearts For you. It doesn’t feel detached necessarily from their end. In fact, they often feel so much that they don’t/can’t show.
  81. And even though I tease @rogerbonair & @theferocity about Morrison, she’s clear abt why she writes…
  82. …Toni Morrison seeks to re-create full, original lives for those Blk ppl, especially women, marginalized canonical Am. literature.
  83. @reediereed Ah, I think they feel a lot. They just don’t feel any allegiance to any particular structure.
  84. For instance, take #Aquarian @KeithOlbermann. His 1st allegiance is to his sense of the #Truth w/ his own wit, not a party or #network.
  85. In fact, the greatest challenge and “sin” for an #Aquarius to get locked into thinking they’re above it all. (You’re not.)
  86. In fact, #Librans might have a slight lock on #wit, but no one can sear you w/ contemptuous disgust like an #Aquarian. Nobody.
  87. For instance, I used to love to do dramatic interpretations of #Aquarian Frederick Douglass’ 4th of July speech.
  88. @sfreynolds We can be fanatical when it comes to group belongedness.
  89. Okay, I will storify these later, inshaAllah. Love to hear your feedback, thoughts. or questions as we kick off #Aquarius season!
  90. BTW, I still don’t believe in #Truth, but I will never say that she’s a “whore.” My #Aquarians taught me well enough.

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