Here’s to first borns (and second-borns, third-borns and so on…)

Tonight kicks off Passover for my Hebrew brothers and sisters.  And tomorrow, Mars squares Pluto at 11:47 pm EDT. Now, today or tomorrow, I plan on writing a more positive and personal spin on that transit and the big full moon on Wednesday; but today I got a less positive take on that Mars/Pluto square on my mind.

If a Mars and Pluto hook-up, the symbolic god of war and violence with the god of the underworld, respectively, sounds like a bad idea, you wouldn’t be wrong. You would be wrong if you said it was ONLY a bad idea. (It’s not.) But that kneejerk reaction is okay.  It’s certainly true that it’s more than a little weird that the transit happens the day after we begin commemorating the Angel of Death “passing over” the homes of those who put lamb’s blood on their door posts, sparing that home’s 1st born child.

And, of course, any astrologer worth his or her salt has been observing how strong contacts to or the motions of Pluto or Uranus have come in tandem with some kind of gun/shooting event in the last year or so, especially in the US; a time when somebody’s 1st born child was not spared the Angel of Death’s touch.  So I’m doing some extra praying today. I’m not saying that some gun or shooting event will happen today. I’m not focusing on a “will,” the smug satisfaction of a horrible prediction.  Just the opposite. I’m praying that somebody’s first born child (and second-born, third born and so on..) is spared this week.  I’m praying that gun control reform becomes more than a series of news reports and promises.  I pray my country wakes up to that fact that gun violence is out of control, perhaps starting with our law enforcement. There have been too many Kimani Grays. Too many Hadiya Pendletons.  And every child killed at Sandy Point Elementary was one child too many.

At the start of the week, Mars squares Pluto. At the end of the week (Sunday), Venus squares Pluto.  So I’m focusing my intentions on the week ending with intense love–Venus.  In the middle of the week, yes, we have a big ass full moon where the Sun and Moon light up Mars, Venus, Uranus, Pluto like an astrological Easter pageant. (It’s not literal as those planets won’t be shining  brighter in the sky.) Maybe that full moon symbolizes an intervention moment.  Just like how Easter Sunday can only happen after the 1st full moon of the vernal equinox, maybe we have a moment that could make this a passover for all born children.

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