Wednesday’s Spicy Full Moon…

An astrologer’s job is to tell us how a moment is “seasoned” with meaning.

Seems almost a matter of course to talk about this Wednesday’s full moon on 3/27 as being very well seasoned.  There’s a lot attached with this full moon, to be sure. For starters, this is the first Vernal Equinox full moon, and I’ve talked about the significance of that here.  But what’s extra spicy about this full moon is that it has the flavor of the Moon, Mars, Venus, Uranus, Pluto and the Sun.  That’s some heavy-duty traffic there.  (And I prefer to call this a spicy moon than a “Monster Moon” or even “Super Moon.”  Super Moon has a very specific meaning thanks to astrologer Richard Nolle and Monster Moon seems loaded with a lot of unnecessary foreboding.)

In fact, today’s exact Mars-Pluto square, along with the Venus-Pluto square on Sunday, sets this full moon up tomorrow as a main dish. When I talked about the Mars-Pluto square here, I talked about praying that one manifestation of those symbols wouldn’t be about the violence associated with those planets, especially from what we’ve seen recently. (It seems, of the last few years, that when there’s some planetary heat or change of motion for Uranus or Pluto, like now, it’s been accompanied with a spike in gun violence, at least in the US.)

And, indeed, there is another way to see this very charged, spicy full moon: as a significant marker for transformation (Pluto) and innovation (Uranus) in both our personal and collective lives.  Mars and Venus are important here too, but I don’t want this to become a “monster” post.  I’ll write more about them either later this week or next week. I’m quite excited about a rare conjunction between Mars, Venus and the Sun in Aries next Sunday (4/7). It seems this only happens every 32 years.  So check back later.

In the interim, quite a few astrologers have already pointed out that this full moon seems well placed for a week of Supreme Court hearings on the legality of same-sex marriage in the US.  It all seems almost too perfectly symbolized: an Aries-Libra full moon weighing the balance between self-determination (Aries) and partnership/relationship (Libra).  So the addition of  Uranus (in Aries) and Pluto (in Capricorn) add a powerful extra-charge to this dynamic. We’re definitely seeing a transformation in how we’re talking about relationships and partnership.

On a smaller scale, though, I came across a very interesting blog post earlier this year that led me here to a meaningful distinction between transformation and innovation.  I have always disliked how astrologers define Pluto as a planet of transformation. Mostly because it wasn’t always clear how transformation was different from change and how is a Plutonian transformation different from any another planet’s way of bringing transformation. It all seemed vague.  I mean, not every Plutonian experience leads us from being in a chrysalis to being a butterfly.  So when I saw the definitions, I related better to their distinctive definitions. Although talks about transformation and innovation from an organizational point a view, there is a very powerful way this relates to individuals as well–and what this spicy moon may activate. defines transformation as “[p]rofound and irreversible change that results in…an expansion of its value creation capability, or a much greater proficiency in deploying that capability, or both.” I’ve always said that Pluto pushes for depth and this fits.  When there’s a trigger to Pluto, there’s a deepening of your capability and capacity, especially as it relates to your desires and sense of value.  You not only have to dig deeper within to reach your desires, but you may feel like you develop the ability to hold more desire and create more value in the world.

With Uranus, we’re talking about innovation.  Jack Martin Leith, the author,  defines innovation as “[t]he process of conceiving, birthing and establishing new [things]…that generate value.”  This reflects the Uranian idea of introducing change as newness and renewal.  Pluto pushes for depth, but Uranus pushes for what becomes unique and distinct.  What I also like that makes clear that innovation and transformation are two sides of the same coin that have to be partnered, not viewed separately.  This definitely suits this spicy full moon, especially an Aries-Libra one that’s designed to “pass one over” or get you to another place.

The Uranus-Pluto moment reflected by this full moon is the moment that transformation leads to better capability and innovation leads to fresher and creative thinking for more folks.

It’s finding the resolve to change a habit (Pluto).  Then new angles/ways to create more support, fresher ways to cope and an overall plan to anchor your transformation (Uranus). That’s the power of this full moon.

For instance, I just came from a very positive meeting to keep the Zodiac Lounge going at its current location. Everyone talked about innovative ways to draw more people and sponsors. And we talked about increasing the value creation capability of the event by making it quarterly instead of monthly and possibly adding a dance party component. If it’s to survive, my Zodiac Lounge has to re-shape its capability to create more value (Pluto) and then use new creative techniques to reach more people and provide innovative ways  to generate value (Uranus).  That’s just one of the transformations and innovations that this full moon is spicing and seasoning in my life.

What’s it spicing up and seasoning for you?

One Response to “Wednesday’s Spicy Full Moon…”

  1. dancestrology Says:

    Yeah…that ‘spicy full moon’ fell right on my Pluto! I have a first house Pluto that’s in LIbra, tighly square my Sun, Moon Venus in Cancer…I was expecting the worst…or at the very lease, some uncomfortable intensity…it came, but in a different way than I was expecting..I relate to what you’re experience, in my own way…been meaning to write about this for a while…will follow up in more detail soon!


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