Lighting a candle…the conjunction of the Sun, Mars and Venus in Aries on 4/6/13

She told me that she lit a candle.

It was during a Venus hour for her location sometime around 8/20/2010, the last time that Venus and Mars conjoined (but in Libra.)  When I wrote about it, I talked about a little bit about how to finesse one’s desires.  My friend certainly did. She was praying for her husband.  And now that she’s met the man that she believes will become her husband, in retrospect, the time of that last conjunction turned out to be a turning point for both her and the guy who would become her man.

And now, on Saturday (4/6), Mars and Venus will light their candle of desire again, this time in Mars’ home–Aries.  This time both planets are pretty close to the Sun in Aries too, which only happens every 32 years I discovered.  So it’s a pretty rare time. Now before you line your house with candles and inundate me with questions about the Venus hour to summon your one true love, let me give a caveat.  Astrology, of any kind, is not a one size fits all proposition.  100 people can take the exact same flight and have at least 101 different kinds of experiences during and after, while all arriving at the same destination.  However, it’s more probable that the Sun, Mars and Venus may speak at the heart of your desires with extra focused intention and attention on Saturday.  Let’s talk a little bit about how.

I look at Mars and Venus as 2 planetary functions that tap into how we struggle for and expect to receive pleasure from what we desire, respectively.

Mars pushes to make something happen. He’s that “Action Jackson” part of ourselves that helps us define our world and identities through our actions. And often by using stronger energy like anger to clearly delineate and distinguish what seems unclear.

On the other hand, Venus creates affinities and attraction between what and who we want.  She’s the Belle of any ball where she effortlessly draws suitors, gifts, appreciation and attention by her presence.  We constellate our world of kinship, affiliations and bonds through her.

Put those two together and you get a push-pull, an electric-magnetic charge, and the simultaneous power to both define and draw what we want.  With some conditions, of course.

Mars is happy in Aries, but Venus isn’t so much.  That’s interesting because on 8/20/2010, Venus was happy in Libra (opposite to Aries) and Mars wasn’t so happy in Libra.  The Sun is also happy in Aries, because the Sun is exalted in Aries.  Basically, we can say the Sun has more ‘tude in Aries, so wants to strut how “bad-ass” he is.  That leaves Venus trying to run with the fellas on their terms.  This is how desire can get tricky now. The congealing power of attraction loses herself.

Venus in Aries attempts a Martian way to meet her desires. It doesn’t really suit her.  I once defined it this way for a Venus in Aries client: with Venus in Aries, Venus has a sword or a scalpel to cut things that where she’d do better to use either to smooth and shape.  In Aries, she’s more barber with hair than surgeon with skin.  (Or, at best, a plastic surgeon.) She can become the sculptor of rough edges rather than the sculptor with rough edges or just plain rough. Or put differently, Venus learns to say “I get mine” rather than “I go for yours.”

So we can say that this Mars-Venus conjunction gets extra “fuel” from the Sun to smooth out the rough edges of our desires. Or we create a fluidity in how we “martial” ourselves to go for our desires that’s graceful and powerful (Venusian) like the Brazilian martial art Capoeira.

In real life, this can look like lighting a candle like my friend did.  But it also entails the hard work of smoothing and shaping our internal ball of desire to rightly match what we both want AND need in our actions. This can initially happen by quietly reflecting on whether how you are is really matched with who or what you want, even as an ideal or an imagined partner.  For instance, if you’re a “take charge” person, are you prepared, in action, to deal with a person who also likes to take charge?  Are you constantly frustrated with your current partner because you don’t want to acknowledge you’re so much more independent than him or her?  Are you bottling your energy to match the low energy of your partner?

This smoothing and shaping goes way beyond relationships though.  Much like I said about the “spicy” full moon last week, this Aries time is a great time to achieve more profound levels of personal innovation and transformation.  I think the Sun, Venus, Mars conjunction helps us reach a clearer degree of true cohesion of our individuality, meaning that we better consolidate our “legion” of selves, as spiritual teacher GI Gurdjieff says.   I talk to people all the time who have an assortment of competing desires that they haven’t figured out a way to consolidate into a clearer or single (Aries) desire.  If someone said, “I want to have a lot of money yet give it all away,” that could sound like a contradiction. It would be better for the person to say “I desire to be a philanthropist.”  We become better individuals (meaning that which can not be divided) by getting clear on what’s dividing us from the inside out.

So unlike my other post on the Mars-Venus conjunction from 2010, this conjunction isn’t so much about consideration and collaboration (Libra) outside of ourselves or with others to fulfill our desires as much as lighting a steady, flickering light within oneself as the drawing force for what we desire.  This time I would tell a friend to light a candle during a Mars hour* and be sure that her actions were rightly aligned with her power of attraction.  The net result might indeed be the same as before, but the experience is likely to be completely different.

*If you’re wondering what I mean by planetary hours, like the Venus or Mars hour, you can find more info here.


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