The Lady Meets the (Former) Champ: the Venus-Mars Libra Conjunction of Aug. 2010

I’ve been talking a lot about the Venus-Mars Aries conjunction of 2013, so I figured this is a good companion piece.

Practicing Astrologer

Today I have my Venus return conjoined to Mars in Libra.  A Venus return literally means, like other more famous returns of planets like the Sun, Saturn or Jupiter, that the planet comes “home” to its original position when you were born.  Its deeper meaning is that the affairs of the planet, as it has been set up in your natal/birth chart, will work well, badly or indifferently during the course of the year based on the time of that actual return.  This return looks pretty good for me, so I’m expecting some friskiness this weekend and in general, off and on, for the year.  But I really started thinking deeper about the Mars in Libra part of the equation more than the Venus in Libra part. (As I’ve lived with Venus in Libra all my life already.)

Now, Mars in Libra is a whole different issue as Mars “rules”…

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