Horoscopes that refused to get eclipsed…

As you can see it’s Friday and I’m posting horoscopes that I usually post on Monday now. Thanks to the dedicated staff at Ebony Magazine, these went up when a series of snafus and unexpected glitches had them essentially “eclipsed.”  During what seemed a long week, I worked on the next week’s horoscopes without seeing the fruits of my labors from the previous week.  It was a frustrating experience. Then I started thinking about what this lunar eclipse tomorrow at 4 degrees Gemini (Sun) and Sagittarius (Moon) was teaching me.

Let’s start off with this: Gemini and Sagittarius are opposite ends of signs that deal with communication, publishing, education, thought and how we experience our minds in communion with the world immediately around us and beyond us. No small wonder I had “publishing” problems.  That I had trouble sitting in my chair to work on next week’s  of horoscopes was not lost on me either.  “What was the point?” was a question that popped up a few times in more frustrating moments.  I also have an indirect, yet powerful connection to this eclipse: my Jupiter, ruler of my Sagittarius midheaven (for career & community reputation) and ascendant (personality and way of being in the world in general), is at 4 degrees of Virgo. At that degree of Virgo, I definitely had a connection to this eclipse.  I had a personal challenge to face here.   (Remember most of astrology is really about degrees, not just signs and houses. Some astrologers favor eclipse connections that are either in the sign of the eclipse or opposite sign; others favor when the eclipse is one of the four kindred signs of the 2 signs involved, as I’m talking about here.)

From a recommendation from a Gemini twitter buddy, I recently read War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It’s an excellent, breezy and short book on breaking through creative resistance.  I heard some of his words in my head during this week. “A professional sits in his chair to get the work done, regardless…” I was having trouble sitting in my chair to write. This time I was using eclipsed horoscopes as an excuse. This got me paying attention to other excuses I use for not keeping my butt in the chair.  Anyway, I got in the chair and banged out next week’s horoscopes…on deadline.  That night these horoscopes were online. They’re late, technically. But they’re here.  For you. They’ve taught me quite a bit already. I hope they have lessons for you that are right on time.

Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

Gemini [May 22nd to June 20th]

Cancer [June 21st to July 21st]

Leo [July 22nd to Aug 21st]

Virgo [Aug 22nd to Sept 21st]

Libra [Sept 22nd to Oct 21st]

Scorpio [Oct 22nd to Nov 21st]

Sagittarius [Nov 22nd to Dec 21st]

Capricorn [Dec 22nd to Jan 20th]

Aquarius [Jan 21st to Feb 18th]

Pisces [Feb 18th to March 20th]

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