Ties that bind…

The Tony’s were last night. I almost never watch award shows, but I do like the pageantry of them. Seems to be perfect for a week where Venus plays such a prominent role as “Best Actress/Planet” this week. While she’s in Cancer, a fluid water sign, she shows down with Pluto and then squares off against Uranus within roughly 24 hours. That’s all about connective tissue and how we feel (or don’t feel) connected.  This can be both personal and collective. For instance, Venus, according to the work of my colleague Nick Dagan Best, and her cycles have strong significance for African Americans. It’s not lost on me that we have these powerful aspects for Venus as we approach the start of the divisive George Zimmerman trial for the death of Trayvon Martin. We must also not forget that Venus is a significator for justice as well.  I think her aspects this week will deepen a conversation about how we connect to each other…and don’t, in many ways.

We also have a cosmic conversation about dreams on deck this week too.  We have a nice freeflowing discussion between Saturn and Neptune about how to structure our dreams and “reality.” We can bind to us what we dream.

So enjoy this week for how it connects and binds you.  May it bind you to the things that keep you free.

Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

Gemini [May 22nd to June 20th]

Cancer [June 21st to July 21st]

Leo [July 22nd to Aug 21st]

Virgo [Aug 22nd to Sept 21st]

Libra [Sept 22nd to Oct 21st]

Scorpio [Oct 22nd to Nov 21st]

Sagittarius [Nov 22nd to Dec 21st]

Capricorn [Dec 22nd to Jan 20th]

Aquarius [Jan 21st to Feb 18th]

Pisces [Feb 18th to March 20th]


2 Responses to “Ties that bind…”

  1. FacePaint101 (@FacePaint101) Says:

    Hi! The Pisces horoscope isn’t linking correctly. It goes to a May horoscope and the Aquarius horoscope.

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