Going through the motions…

This week is a big week for the motions of Uranus and Mercury.  The Mercury station on Saturday, with him going direct after being retrograde, is a time to re-acclimate ourselves to newer, revitalized communication and crossing boundaries.  For instance, during this Mercury retrograde, there have been quite a number of international transportation accidents. It will be a time to look at what happened and how to move forward to make sure some of these things don’t happen again. Or to anticipate some of the same possibilities elsewhere. (I’m looking at you, LaGuardia.)   On a smaller scale, this Merc retrograde will likely be like other ones where we’ll have our tales of simple or profound miscommunications that almost or, in fact, did lead to the doom of marriages, relationships, partnerships or friendships. Or our private dramas that staged getting new phones or perhaps how we lost the old one in some crazy way. Mostly stuff that didn’t kill us, but made us go crazy for a minute.

The Uranus retrograde is a little different. On the same micro-level of our daily lives, the Uranus retrograde heralds a chance to review (remember that retrogrades deal with most of the “re” words in English) the progress we’ve made since Uranus went direct on December 13, 2012.  Uranus is one of the astrological signatures to keep alive the sparks of our individuality and creativity.  It’s also how we come to resist those things, people or places that don’t allow us to be ourselves.  It’s coming to deal with the truth of yourself. With the planet going retrograde, you can expect that some sparks to fly in your life if you have a prominent Uranus placement in your chart or you have other astrological signatures, like important planets or angles (Ascendant, descendant, midheaven or IC) near 12 degrees of Aries, Libra, Capricorn or Cancer.  If you need clarity with that, you might need to book a session with an astrologer. (Ahem)

On a larger scale, I’ve talked about how changes in the motion of Uranus or Pluto seem to go in tandem with a spike in gun violence or some big violent incident, at least in the US. In March, I wrote this about those changes. I’m still praying that this nation would get a grip on gun control. That’s the best I know to do, besides other forms of activism that’s happening. We have to be vigilant and know that we can have a more peaceful society.  We must.

In the interim, check your horoscope for insight for what’s in motion for you this week.

Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

Gemini [May 22nd to June 20th]

Cancer [June 21st to July 21st]

Leo [July 22nd to Aug 21st]

Virgo [Aug 22nd to Sept 21st]

Libra [Sept 22nd to Oct 21st]

Scorpio [Oct 22nd to Nov 21st]

Sagittarius [Nov 22nd to Dec 21st]

Capricorn [Dec 22nd to Jan 20th]

Aquarius [Jan 21st to Feb 18th]

Pisces [Feb 18th to March 20th]


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