Balsamic thoughts…

We’re just a few days from a new moon on Thursday. It’s a doubly important new moon because it heralds the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah. (Shana Tova!)  But just before the new moon, there’s a clearing and healing stage called the balsamic moon. The balsamic moon isn’t named after balsamic vinegar, by the way. Balsam in balsamic is used more as a balm or salve that one applies to a wound to clean and treat it.  It’s a quiet time to reflect on what went unfulfilled during the last lunar cycle and to appraise why.  It’s space to heal from all the business of the previous cycle. And then the newness comes, whether it’s the form of a new month, the first day of school, a new year or a surge of new feelings.

Today I’m on my penultimate day of fasting for the Muslim month of Shawwal. I’ve been alternately productive and just tired, feeling sated and ravenous. But I feel like there’s a clearing happening. I’ve been detailing some of the new projects I’d like to initiate during this new moon cycle. But the problems with new moons, sort of like I talked about a few weeks ago with full moons, is that we load them up so much with real-world intentions that we don’t leave as much room for the excitement and “feel” of them.  It’s been good to feel the drain and churn of being on the brink of the new. After another quick nap, I’m gonna burn some sage around the house and then teach my wife one of my favorite astrological techniques.  We’ll break our fast, go to prayer and then have dinner while continuing with the lesson. That’s relaxing for us. But we both know new things are afoot.  Sometimes it’s good to feel the clearing, the peaceful quiet of excitement before the rush of newness comes in. And that feels sweet.

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