Toward Fall…

The final week of summer opens up with a Mercury-Uranus opposition and a shooting at a Navy Yard.  The story at the Navy Yard is still developing, but a Mercury-Uranus opposition can signify surprising news like this or also flashes of insight and brilliance. Let’s hope more insight and brilliance is more on the make as the week continues.

My real concern this week, in a general sense, is the Pluto direct that happens on Friday morning, right after a full moon. The full moon raises people’s emotional levels, and I’ve written here a few times about Pluto and how it seems to shadow gun violence in this country.  As we approach Fall on Sunday, America really has to get it together about gun control, including with  cops too.  As for them, you can take your pick from the past week with this story at NYC Times Square or the unfortunate story of Jonathan Ferrell, a FAMU student and football, who senselessly lost his life at the hand of a trigger-happy cop.

Of course, for most of us, the issue won’t boil down to gun violence. However, we have ample celestial and real-world signs that we have to watch our mouths and tempers this week.  We can attempt to do that by adding an extra focus on  love and warmth in our prayers and meditations this week, especially on Wednesday when Venus and Saturn hook up at the hip by what we astro-geeks call a conjunction.  When those two get together, they tend to bring the cold snap of reality in personal and even professional relationships. It’s almost as if we could dub it the “Let’s chill” aspect. (The one positive feature of this aspect is that it can also signal marriage, the formalization of passion.)  That’s why I’m recommending that we add some warmth and love of our own rather than expecting that it’ll be “out there” waiting for us.  We have to work to bring it, like most positive changes that we need on this planet.

In the mean time, here are some horoscopes to help direct your attention on a more intimate level.  And a burst of love and a hug for extra measure right now!













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