About Samuel F. Reynolds

Samuel F. Reynolds
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SamTeachingOvercoming health challenges. On November 22, Samuel was born with spina bifida, a congenital disease affecting the spine’s development, resulting in problems with his kidneys, feet, eyes, and heart. In the first 21 years of his life, Sam had undergone over 25 surgeries, from head to toe.

Devoted to spiritual life at an early age. As a result of all of his health, academic, and social woes at a young age, Samuel sought out spiritual answers to Life and became a licensed minister of the Christian gospel at the ripe age of 12 years old. He preached his first sermon on his Mom’s birthday in 1980.

From zero to hero. With a stronger spiritual foundation, Sam went from the toilet roll at school, where he first had been deemed developmentally delayed, to the honor roll. He went through the remainder of his school years as either a class officer, a ranking member of the dean’s list, a club president or active public speaker and community worker. Samuel was named Best Debater of Buffalo (NY) Public Secondary Schools for two years in a row, an unprecedented record.

Beyond scholarship. In his early twenties, Samuel had a spiritual crisis and sought deeper answers to life’s questions. He settled on a life in academia and, at one point, disavowed a spiritual life completely, settling for a more “dialectical materialist” approach to Life. However, his gnawing questions and concerns didn’t disappear. He pressed on, even traveling as far as India, to find answers.

Astrologer and teacher of astrologers. In the fall of 1990, while in grad school in Philadelphia, Samuel, at the behest of a girlfriend, met with an astrologer. For the first 15 minutes of his consultation, he was completely unimpressed. Being polite, he didn’t say anything as he was raised to be respectful. However, at some point during his consultation, the astrologer made a revelation about Sam’s life and family that the astrologer couldn’t have guessed, deduced, or intuited by any natural means. Samuel was infuriated, intrigued and frightened by the insight and power of astrology. It was at that session that he decided that he had to learn more.

Ever the skeptic, Samuel spent nearly 10 years rigorously testing astrology with strangers and friends, on a donation basis, to see if the results and insights were consistent and real. Upon moving to New York City in 1999, Samuel accelerated his studies of astrology. Convinced by a decade of study of the veracity and power of astrology, Samuel opened his own practice in 2001. In 2004, Samuel began to teach classes and in 2006, Samuel with his new friend and business guru, Andrew Neitlich, formed The Astrology Career Institute.

Writing and reaching. While on his spiritual search, Sam has written consistently and actively, across various genres about his experiences and thoughts. He is an award-winning playwright and teacher of writing. He is also a published and anthologized poet, essayist and writes consistently for local, regional and global markets like aol.com and tarot.com, mostly on astrological themes. Samuel also has done his part to bridge the digital divide by working or volunteering as a technology trainer of inner-city youth, adults and families since 1998.

Entrepreneur and motivational speaker. In 2005, Samuel co-created the Zodiac Lounge, a bi-weekly event where people were celebrated and comforted with healing energy, love and spiritual insight, in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

Samuel, described as a gifted speaker, has presented at various venues throughout the world, including the Learning Annex in New York City. He has presentations and lectures prepared on current events, like “A Message in the Skies: The Astrology of 9/11,” “The Astrological Destiny of Black people in America,” “Discovering and Contributing to Your Generation’s Mission,” “How to Use Astrology to Change your Life,” and “The True Roots of the World’s Religions.” He’s currently working on a book dealing with fate, astrology and African-American life.

Kitty father, uncle and bon vivant. Samuel lives in Bed-Stuy with his two cats, Bernie and Getaway. He enjoys working out at his gym, partying (especially where he can dance), surfing on the web, travel, and catching up with friends, siblings, and his ever growing brood of nieces, nephews and their children. And yes, they call him “Uncle Sam.”

Samuel F. Reynolds
my.vcita.com/sfreynolds for booking a session

15 Responses to “About Samuel F. Reynolds”

  1. paulette block Says:

    I never knew you went through so much,but one thing in believing in Astrology does this mean you don’t believe their is a God, and I am not putting down what you believe,but it is just a question,because it says you where a minister at a young age and then it seems as your saying you came to a better understanding in Astrology, and I would like to know what that means that you can for tell the future or tell some one what is going to happen for them.
    please give me some understanding what an Astrologer does.

    • return2thesource Says:

      I very much believe in God; but when I got serious about studying astrology about 10 years ago (after a previous 10 years of diligent study), I wasn’t so sure about God. In 2000, when I explored a deeper understanding of astrology, I realized that there had to be a God. Astrology isn’t so much about predicting the future as something that’s independent of God’s will as much as seeing God’s will in the signs She’s left for us. Our free will is our willingness to follow the signs with intelligence rather than only with our senses or feelings. We can read more between the lines of our “fate,” but only if we decide to apply our free will to read. Otherwise, we become merely what God has embedded in nature for us to grow into rather than our own divinity.

      • Tracey Says:

        Thanks for this, Mr. Reynolds. I’ve been studying astrology for over a decade (and just recently began practicing professionally), and this question of God vs. Astrology still weighs on me in many ways. People ask me as well, “Do you believe in God? How does this fit in with your faith?” It’s a really good question and sometimes difficult to answer. I believe God created the planets, so it would be hard to just rule Her out of the equation 😉 I really liked your response; it was reassuring on a personal level.

        Meanwhile, I’m considering signing up for your career institute. I’d like to match my informal training w/ more formal training and become certified. I was browsing your site when I stumbled upon this Q&A. I do like what I’ve read so far. By any chance, is your certification recognized by any of the main astro associations like NCGR and etc.? Thank you!

      • return2thesource Says:

        Hi Tracey,

        ACI is not recognized by NCGR or any other larger astrological body. I’m thinking about figuring out a way to have that happen. I’ll check in with some connections UAC in May. Unfortunately, it’s limited to even how one body recognizes the certifications of another, so when I started the institute, I didn’t see it as workable or necessary. In the last year, I’ve seen changes in this area, especially with ISAR. Good question. Thank you for asking.


  2. Maryanna Mart. Says:

    Dear Sam

    I am a firm believer in spirit guides ( a trusted soul from the other side that joins one on their short trip on Earth, to help, guide, and nourish their control) why I believe in this? Well I can be here all day explaining why I believe in this, I was wondering how you feel and think about the topic? Others that I have asked, seem to think of it as Taboo.

  3. eYe Says:

    glad i found you in a round about way. ; ) peace sam.

  4. Evangelean Pugh Says:

    Peace Mr.S Reynolds
    This is the lady in purple from Sunday I am reaching out to you like every one I want some answers to why things are
    as they are. For the most part I accept life and move on .
    But i am not happy with life terms.And I dont know when to
    accept or to move on ,I hold on to the motra change what you can,but you sould have the wisdom to know the differents. I would appreciate any information that you can share with me .I dont have a lot of any thing but I am willing to try to pay for your services. As I see it may be of
    great value to me.Or a even exchange of your service. I am a seamest,artisan .I can make any thing you want.cothing
    ect anicent or modern.call me 327 275-4052
    d.f.b 9/16/1961
    Brooklyn N.Y.
    Bron 6:15 am

  5. Salvador Russo Says:


    That is an amazing story. We share the same month and date of birth. I found your blog through a Twitter friend of mine. If you’re on Facebook and Twitter, I would be honored to connect with you.


    My bio:


    I think we would get along great. Love and light from Arizona,

    Sal =)

  6. ReadersHeaven Says:

    Hi, nice to meet you !

  7. Curlyscales Says:

    Greetings Sam,
    This is Chandra and I want to say thank you again for such a mind-opening session. It helped to make tangible what once appeared out of reach. I must admit I was searching high and low for something to help channel my energy and while writing was on the table, the obstacle of what to write was a real issue. Until now. Thank you again so much. See in 6 months – God willing.

  8. Elizabeth Says:

    Amazing. Came to visit and glad I read this. Your life is truly inspiring.

  9. Lady Turnbull Says:

    Loves that you shared with us like this. Thank you. With the spine surgeries…I couldn’t help but wonder where’s Capricorn in your chart and what it’s doing? And “surgery,” definitely a Scorpion matter–you sun sign sake. I loved how you pulled through it all–transformed–more Scorpionic goodies. Smile.

    What really jumped out at me is how you stumbled into astrology. What a way! I also like how you were led in by a girlfriend…boy, what I’d give to see how Venus & Uranus are aspected in your chart. *giggles*. I’ve been in love with the stars since a kid…probably before then, pastlife stuff. And you became “interested” as an adult and I know you’re much further along in your ‘knowing’ than I am. That’s dope! It shows the dedication.

    Someone had mentioned “God” to you in an above comment. As I read that something Salt wrote in one of her FB posts a while ago…something that really resonated with me. She wrote, I’ll paraphrase here, “…if there are aliens out there, then God created them too.”

    My sentiment regarding the stars have been the same. He created us with purpose & meaning, thus, he created the stars with purpose and meaning too. I really don’t see the separation in the two…us & the stars.

    You know what’s so divine about our sparkling buddies overhead? They don’t seem to care who believes in them or not, it won’t stop their movement. They continue to twinkle and travel regardless to who watches them or embraces them. That’s Moxie! And Mighty! Very Appealing. ❤

  10. J. Anthony Gatling, RP., P.I. Says:

    SR: How can I get a copy of the Ebony Horoscope for 2013?

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