Zodiac Lounge

Welcome to The Zodiac Lounge

“Zodiac Lounge is a most unique experience.  It allows you to explore multi-spiritual levels.  You have the option of astrologers, mediums, readers, or a massage therapist–all in one space.  If one is quiet and centered, it is easy to feel the powerful energy of all these healers move around the space.

–Willie W, retiree and local elder

The Zodiac Lounge has been a life affirming experience.  My new friend, Dawn Nedd, has been a great help to me, and thru me, to many other people as well.  She is a real person, a fact that shines through her smile…her being REAL, NO PRESERVATIVES!”
–Brooke Y, mother and entrepreneur

What is the Zodiac Lounge?

“It is your one-stop, magical space to find people who help you get insight on a problem, relief from stress or direction for your career or love life.  You can think of the Zodiac Lounge as a happy mash-up of a psychic fair, a birthday party, a social networking event and a short lecture.

For $5, you’ll get:

  • snacks, wine, water or juice (with a recommended donation)
  • networking opportunities
  • two mini lectures
  • a mini celebration for the sign of the month w/ delightful treats

$5 Admission!

Beyond the admission fee, for $1/minute, you can see healers or seers up to 30 minutes.  You can either see 3-5 different professionals, like psychics, massage therapists, astrologers, reiki specialists or nutritionists, in 30 minutes or see only one for the same half-hour.  It’s totally up to you!

More on when and where here

Including recordings of mini-lectures and breakdown of signs from previous Zodiac Lounges



My Guarantee from Zodiac Lounge founder and host,
Samuel F. Reynolds

The psychics and healers at The Zodiac Lounge are the real thing.  I know because I’ve tested them myself.  I am a natural-born skeptic, so I’m always looking beneath the surface for what’s real.  You can count on my decades of practice as an astrologer and my extensive study of human nature and native-born skepticism.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.  There will be dozens of other people just like you at the Zodiac Lounge who can compare notes with and with whom you can connect.  So when you go on your journey, you don’t have to go it alone at The Zodiac Lounge.

6 Responses to “Zodiac Lounge”

  1. Robin St.Clair Says:

    Hi Sam!

    How do I purchase tickets using PayPal? I would like to reserve two for tomorrow. Today is my mom’s birthday and she is very open to the Zodiac Lounge experience. Can you pay at the door?

    Love, Light & Peace

  2. Shawnee Benton Says:

    Samuel, congratulations on a job well done. The event was phenomenal. Your team was professional, friendly, attentive and accommodating.My reading with Priestess Osunyoyin was powerful and I absolutely loved the space. The energy there was light and inviting. I look forward to the next gathering. Blessings, Shawnee

  3. Lady Turnbull Says:

    I missed this… *frowns*. Will there be another one soon? Will y’all travel? If so, and ever up in Westchester, please let me know. 🙂

  4. Anthony B. Says:

    Searching for peace of mind. I need to purify mind,body and and soul. I need a real guide to get me on spiritual path. I need help asap.Someone recommend Sydney Francis to help me.

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