Practice Builders Series:

The Art of Predictive Astrology Classes with Robert P. Blaschke & Michele Adler

A gifted student of mine loves doing natal charts  and compatibility analyses.  He’s very good at those.  But he’ll never be able to build a real practice at it.  I don’t say that to be mean or denigrate my student’s abilities. I say this for a simple reason. He doesn’t have enough technique to do predictive astrology.  Let me tell you what happened to him a few years ago.

I host an event called the Zodiac Lounge where I bring various psychics and astrologers together to offer short 10-20 minute readings for people at a reasonable cost.  He was one of my readers.  A friend of mine sat in his chair.  She knows herself fairly well as she’s a student of metaphysics, so she wasn’t interested in a natal reading or a compatibility analysis.  She said she wanted more information about what was coming up, especially in her business life.   I could see the beads of sweat gather on his brow.  I felt bad for him as I had attempted to get him to sit down with me many times and learn how to do progressions with transits; but he always had something else to do. Without a natal or compatibility analysis to do, he was in far deeper waters than he was used to.

He had to tell her, honestly, that he couldn’t help her. She thanked him and took her $20, for a mini-reading, to another reader. He lost out on $20 and will lose out on much more, because he can’t look beyond a natal chart!  This doesn’t have to be you!  You can learn key fundamentals of predictive astrology easily, simply and without paying a lot of money.

In Spring 2008, I designed a special course to give students more tools to build a better and stronger practice.  I was so impressed with Michele Adler’s book, Predictive Astrology, and Robert P. Blaschke’s work as an astrologer and his two predictive astrology books, Progressions, and Holographic Transits, that I asked them if they’d like to guest teach tele-seminars for my school.  They agreed. I recorded the tele-seminars and made them into 7 phenomenal classes, available in mp3 format for you to listen to on your phone, your computer or your favorite mp3 player.

Robert P. Blaschke’s Progressions & Holographic Transits Class

Unfortunately, on January 18, 2011, Robert P. Blaschke passed away. I found Robert to be a great astrologer and a master teacher of astrologers. He was generous with his time and knowledge, whether over the phone, in person, through his books or on social networking sites, like, where I first got to know him better.  I’m going to miss him. Although he’s gone, we still have the classes that he and Michele created and I’d like to offer them to you.Here’s a brief layout of what the each set of classes covers. With Robert P. Blaschke’s Progressions & Holographic Transits Class, you get

  • Three recorded sessions in an mp3 format, nearly 70 minutes each.
  • Two books: Volume 1: Progressions and Volume 5: Holographic Transits both by Robert P. Blaschke
  • Three separate class handouts

First Session:  The philosophy of astrological forecasting–understanding the free will vs. fate debate, understanding the present,  making peace with the past, which techniques work and why, and overviews of key principles that guide predicting the future…accurately!

Second Session:  Progressions.  Robert Blaschke has written, perhaps, the most in-depth and thorough explanations about progressions in the marketplace.  He explains how to use three types of progressions and how they give clear thumbnail sketches for what is likely to happen in a person’s life and when.

Third Session:  Holographic Transits.  This is where Mr. Blaschke introduces a unique technique he’s developed to pursue active times to coordinate one’s free will to Divine intention in one’s emotional life, love life, career aspirations, etc.  It’s a way to think about “transits” that is more holistic rather than just linear, as in transiting Jupiter conjoining natal planet in your chart. Let me remind you what you’re getting:

  • Three tele-classes at nearly 70 minutes each, with comments/questions from original participants
  • Two of Robert Blaschke’s seminal books, Progressions and Holographic Transits (retail value of $37 alone), including shipping costs
  • Robert’s handouts for the sessions

For a class like this, you would normally pay nearly $50 for the books ALONE! However…
I’m offering Robert’s Progressions & Holographics Transits Class for $79.99.
(Click here to buy now)

Without his books, including all the mp3’s and handouts, the course is $39.99 via email. (Click here to buy now)

Michele Adler’s Predictive Astrology Class

I brought on Michele Adler for another section of the course to deal with return charts and draw on her huge treasure chest of techniques, culled from 33 years of study and work as an astrologer.  I found her book, Predictive Astrology to be chocked with 9 chapters of practical and proven techniques for predictive work:

  • 1 copy of Michele Adler’s book, Predictive Astrology, with a retail value of $21.95
  • 4 downloadable recordings of the sessions (in case you miss them!)
  • Study guides and class materials for each class.

Session 1 – Return Charts
Session 2 – Return Charts, Part II
These two classes are dedicated to giving students a firm understanding to one of the most powerful and useful tools in predictive astrology:  the return charts.  For example, around your birthday, you have a solar return and lunar returns happen every month when the moon is in the same degree and sign as your moon sign. These return charts provide powerful measures for understanding likely future events and undertakings.  Michele will show you how to cast and interpret these charts.

Session 3 –  Eclipses and Lunations
Eclipses and lunar cycles are among the oldest forms of astrology.  In these classes, Michele demonstrates how to use these tried and true techniques to gain detailed insight into possible outcomes for happenings in our lives and those of your clients.

Session 4 – Progressed Lunation and Diurnal Charts
Here we discuss something old and something relatively new in astrological forecasting.  Progressed lunation is one of the most fundamental and consistently accurate ways to get a thumbnail sketch for what is happening in your life or those of your clients.  I can’t think of another technique that I use more than progressed charts.We’ll also discuss the diurnal chart, another type of chart that helps you get a clearer picture of what are some key issues for a particular day, not just for a general period of time like a years, months or weeks.

I’m offering Michele Adler’s Predictive Astrology Class  for
(Click here to buy now)
Without her book, including all the mp3’s & handouts, the course, via email, is
(Click here to buy now)

This includes:

  • 1 copy of Michele Adler’s book, Predictive Astrology, w/ a retail value of $21.95
  • 4 downloadable recordings of the sessions
  • Study guides and class materials for each class.

The Art of Predictive Astrology Classes with Robert P. Blaschke AND Michele Adler TOTAL

  • 3 BOOKS (nearly 600 pages of practical, PROVEN techniques and methods)
  • 9 hours of downloadable recordings to play on your computer or your mp3 player at your own pace or setting of your choice.
  • 6 complete handouts

(Click here to buy now)

via email without the books

(Click here to buy now)

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at or text or call at 484.727.8277. Thank you!

Samuel F. Reynolds * Principal Instructor *Astrology Career Institute *Brooklyn, NY

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