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The Astrology Career Institute Invites YOU to Get Certified With Our Practicing Astrologer Program….

Here’s How You Can Earn an Excellent Income in a Fascinating and Growing Field — All From The Comfort and Convenience of Your Home

–especially when we will give you a comprehensive marketing manual to attract all the business you can handle

Now included: TWELVE HOURS of audio CDs featuring Sam Reynolds and his students.

Details Below.


The numbers are staggering.

According to a Harris Poll, 48 million Americans believe in Astrology, along with hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Meanwhile, tens of millions of people look for guidance in their lives every day. They seek clarity about relationships, career, health, finances, and other major decisions.

These facts mean that you have an opportunity to make an excellent income, where demand for qualified Astrologers is huge, and wealthy clients are willing to pay you handsomely for your time and expertise.

1. Even if….You are skeptical about Astrology.
2. Even if….You have no previous experience or don’t think you have any “special” or “psychic” talent.
3. Even if….You hate to sell and market your services.
4. Even if…You only want to work part time.

None of that matters.

In fact, you need NO SPECIAL BACKGROUND …DEFINITELY no special talent or “psychic abilities”…. virtually no money to put at risk … only a little bit of time … and the willingness to follow very easy-to-understand instructions. Best of all, you can work from the comfort and convenience of your home.

But there is an art to joining the world of Astrology … to having high-paying clients come to you … to the approaches and knowledge that get results … and we can share the secrets of that art with you!

And when we say this is THE quickest and easiest way for you to succeed as a Practicing Astrologer and attract all the clients you can handle, we’re not kidding about that either, because…

What we’ve discovered about succeeding as a Practicing Astrologer and making more money than your colleagues is that it’s all about…

A Practical Program and a Proven Marketing System

These two keys are a miraculous money-making strategy because:

1. Clients come to you, because they want to use Astrology as a “tool” to get clarity about important issues in their lives.
2. You set yourself apart as the “go-to” professional in your area.
3. People refer you to others even if they haven’t hired you yet, because what you do is so unique and interesting.
4. Marketing is easy, and takes little or no money.
5. There are no sales pitches to make.
6. You love what you do, and work becomes more FUN and SATISFYING.

About the Program’s Creator

Before going further, we’d like to tell you more about the creator of the Practicing Astrologer Program and why he’s qualified to be sharing these secrets with you. His name is Samuel Reynolds.

Sam had to become a healer. He was born with severe birth defects, which led him to have 20 surgeries by the time he was 16 years old. At first, doctors told his mother that not only would he not walk, but that he would be “mentally retarded” as well.

He is proud say that he not only walks, but he likes to run every now and then. As for the mental retardation, well, so much for labels: Sam has his Master’s Degree and completed graduate studies at Temple University. He is a frequent speaker and writer, not only about Astrology, but about current events and political issues.

Sam became an Astrologer after initially being a harsh critic and skeptic of Astrology. However, he went to see an Astrologer, at a friend’s behest. He thought the Astrologer was full of baloney for the first fifteen minutes of the session. “I see you in higher learning,” the Astrologer told him. Sam said (to himself, as he is polite), “Well, of course. I told you I was in a Ph.D. program.”

But then the Astrologer divulged insights and specific information from Sam’s chart that he couldn’t have guessed or culled from what little he knew about him. Sam was blown away. He felt he had to learn how this system worked. So he did.

And now, nearly 15 years later, he’s come to see that astrological symbols can provide clues to understanding and working with our fates.

Sam has a unique approach to Astrology. He brings a holistic understanding of life from his intense personal experiences and work as a spiritual counselor. He doesn’t offer pie-in-the-sky platitudes, and he doesn’t believe the stars determine your whole fate. He helps people look at the physical, mental, and spiritual conditions of their lives, so that we can live more of the life we want to live.

Best of all, Sam has developed a simple-to-follow, easy-to-understand system to teach other people about Astrology. At the same time, he has discovered how to make a good living as an Astrologer, with a proven marketing system and plan that attracts clients to him.

About The Remarkable Practicing Astrologer Program

The NEW ASTROLOGY CAREER INSTITUTE’S “PRACTICING ASTROLOGER PROGRAM” shows you exactly how to get into the huge and growing field of Astrology today, how to have desirable clients coming to you quickly and easily, and how to do all of this from your own home.

With this exclusive Certification Program, you can become a Certified Practicing Astrologer in only a matter of weeks. It’s that much of an easy-to-use, step-by-step System. In fact, our students thank us for distilling Astrology — a deep, rich, and complex field — into a practical, turn-key program.

Most importantly, with the “Practicing Astrologer Program,” you can have all this happen for you even if, right now, you don’t know a thing about Astrology – or marketing and selling programs. Whether you are a veteran in Astrology, or just starting out, you can achieve your most ambitious goals with this program.

Here is Everything You Get with Astrology Career Institute’s Practicing Astrologer Program

INCLUDED – The Practicing Astrologer’s Training Manual
You receive everything you need to know to become an Astrologer, in step-by-step format. When we say everything is included, we mean it: getting started, history of Astrology, terminology, understanding signs, creating charts, working with different types of clients, providing insights, AND MUCH MORE. This is a comprehensive manual that you will refer to again and again. PLUS, we tell you EXACLTY what you need to do to work with clients, literally from starting to ending a session and working with clients over time.

INCLUDED – The Practicing Astrologer’s Marketing Manual
As an exclusive benefit of the program, you get the ultimate guide to marketing your Astrology services in your community. Easy to read and understand, the Manual shows you exactly how to attract high-paying clients — step-by-step, by the numbers. It includes: pricing, marketing materials, your action plan, private sessions, setting up group classes, getting invited at parties, becoming a phone coach/astrologer, making money from your website, and more. If you can read and follow simple, very easy-to-understand directions, this Manual will make you lots of money.

INCLUDED – One-on-one personalized consulting with Program creator Sam Reynolds
With this system, you have access to Sam Reynold’s advice and guidance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ask Sam any question you have about your Practicing Astrology Program via email, and he will respond personally, usually within one business day. Take advantage of Sam’s knowledge and years of experience! To our knowledge, no other Astrology certification program offers this level of support. (In case you are worrying that this program costs a small fortune, keep reading! It doesn’t.)

INCLUDED – Certificate documenting that you are Certified with the Astrology Career Institute as an Astrologer
When you are ready, you take an online test to certify that you have completed the program and learned the material. Then you receive an exclusive ready-to-frame 8″ X 11″ Certificate from the Astrology Career Institute documenting that you have mastered the material and are a Certified Astrologer. This certification will instantly set you apart from your colleagues.

INCLUDED – Membership in the Astrology Career Institute, and its benefits

As a member of the Institute, you receive some terrific benefits: frequent tips and updates about Astrology; invitations to seminars; and support and networking with other Certified Astrologers.

INCLUDED – A set of NINE Audio CDs featuring Sam Reynolds teaching the materials
As soon as you enroll in this program, you receive a library of NINE audio CDs featuring Sam Reynolds teaching his system to his students. Each CD covers a different topic, including: The Philosophy of Practicing Astrology, “Rules of the Road” for Working with Clients, Marketing a Successful Astrology Practice; The Signs and Their Meaning; The Planets and Their Meaning; The Aspects (or how the Planets interact and what that means); The Houses; Basic Analyses for Reading a Chart; and a 9-Step Approach to Reading a Chart. These CDs are unique because Sam takes you beyond the material in the manual and provides additional insights. Also, Sam answers students’ questions to further clarify the material for you.

INCLUDED – SIX ADDITIONAL Audio CDs featuring birth chart readings of twelve famous people
One key to success as an astrologer is reading birth charts. That’s why this program gives you recorded teleconferences featuring Sam and his students reading the birth charts of six pairs of celebrities. Celebrity pairings include: Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Aniston, Steve Jobs/Bill Gates, Gandhi/Martin Luther King Jr., Barak Obama/Hillary Clinton, Liza Minelli/Judy Garland, and a mystery pairing (with the names to be revealed on the recording). During these readings, Sam walks you through his step-by-step process for reading charts to help you become more confident and to demonstrate how a reading is actually done. Plus, you will have more fun working with the charts of people you know.

INCLUDED – Two ADDITIONAL Audio CDs to help you synthesize the birth chart

Too many astrologers lack the ability to deliver a strong reading by synthesizing the key elements of one’s birth chart. In this program, you receive TWO HOURS of Sam’s insights and step-by-step guidance about how to give an in-depth, meaningful reading to your clients.


INCLUDED – Invitations to additional, exclusive teleconferences for students only

We frequently invite students to join additional teleconferences to cover new materials and have open sessions for your questions. That way, you can interact directly with the author of the program and answer your questions live and in person.

You’re Probably Worrying: Signing Up Must Cost a
Small Fortune….

Actually the program is quite affordable…. You can become a Certified Astrologer and receive the entire program (the Marketing Manual, comprehensive training manual, One-On-One Support, Certificate, Membership in the Astrology Career Institute) for less than $300 — and with convenient monthly installments. The exact price is $297 payable in three installments of $99. Other certification programs cost over $500, even over $900, and are generic, “me-too” programs. They don’t include an exclusive Marketing Manual filled with the best ways to get new, high-paying clients quickly. They don’t include personal support. They don’t include 17 audio CDs. And they don’t show you how to get into this in-demand and fascinating field without struggling.

Keep in mind, the information you get in this Certification Program can be used by seasoned Astrology professionals as well as anybody just starting out.

Here’s Some More of What’s Included with This Amazing Program

1. A history of Astrology, and how it has evolved over time and across cultures
You will be fascinated by the long and rich history of Astrology, how it differs in different cultures, and how it has reached its present state of evolution.

2. A detailed understanding of the Zodiac, and how it applies to our lives
The Zodiac is a key part of your curriculum. Unfortunately, many laypeople misinterpret what the Zodiac means and how to use it effectively. You will learn the proper way to understand the Zodiac and apply it as a powerful tool.

3. How to apply the “symbolism” of Astrology to very real situations that people face
Astrology is not meant to provide rigid advice or dogma. You will learn how to use Astrological principles as symbols that lead people to insights about how to realize their potential.

4. Why skepticism is appropriate, and how to use it to help you be a better Astrology professional
Skepticism is an important tool in Astrology. In your program, you will learn how to use skepticism as a way to provide more relevant, deeper insights in to your clients’ situations and problems. Sam Reynolds himself is a natural skeptic, and this quality serves him well in the field.

5. A detailed understanding of your own sign, chart, and potential
Even if you don’t intend to practice Astrology with others, this program will give you excellent insights into your own life and potential. In fact, you will work with YOUR OWN CHART as part of this program, and receive your personalized Astrological Chart as an added bonus for signing up!

6. The Four Elements, and their powerful symbolism
Astrology goes beyond the 12 signs of the Zodiac. It includes numerous distinctions to help you help your clients. For instance, you will learn about the Four Elements and how to use them as a tool to help your clients better understand who they are.

7. The Astrological Chart, and how to use it to understand your clients’ situation, issues, and potential
The Astrological Chart is one of the most important and exciting things that you will learn in your program. We will teach you how to create a basic chart, and use it for practical and fascinating observations.

8. A simple yet powerful Nine-Step Process for reading a client’s birth chart
Many Astrology students get mired down without a system for reading a birth chart. We provide you with a step-by-step process that makes it easier for you to analyze a client’s birth chart and give an effective, powerful reading. This feature may be the most valuable part of the program along with the marketing materials – at least that’s what our students tell us.

9. How to use the Cycles of the Planets, Moon, and Zodiac to have powerful clarity about your clients’, and your own, life
Your program will give you a deep understanding of “Cycles” and how they can provide further understanding about people and their situations.

10. Get to the essence of the meanings of the various “actors” in the Astrological theater
We show you how to get to the essence of what planets, signs, and houses mean. While you can always enrich your understanding and interpretations, we show you how to internalize the meanings of the various Astrological players, so that they become real and concrete for you and for your clients. That way, you don’t struggle with what the signs and symbols are all about, or confuse your clients.

11. How to go “deep” using this powerful and ancient art
This program gives you a penetrating view into the world of Astrology. You will get a solid grounding in: planetary relationships, aspects, cycles, houses, angles, the two poles, manifestations of the divine, and much more. As you progress, you will become more and more proficient at using Astrology and all of its tools to help people.

12. Apply your knowledge to very real situations: love, career, money, health, and key decisions
Unlike many Astrology programs, the Astrology Career Institute shows you how to apply Astrology to practical situations that people face every day. That way, you can make a real difference to your clients. Clients will come to you for real answers and insights, and we equip you with the tools to delight them with your knowledge and understanding.

13. How to get set up as an Practicing Astrologer
You learn how to get started, attract new clients fast, and stay organized. In other words, we help you with the business and marketing aspects of your business, too!

14. Observe how Sam reads actual birth charts, through each step of the way
With your program, Sam Reynolds walks you step-by-step through readings of actual charts — without any “mumbo jumbo.” He takes you through each step of analyzing charts, with a “case study” method that uses charts from actual clients of his, so that you feel comfortable and confident doing a reading. Sam uses everyday language without the usual jargon that can confuse a reading, and he explains to you precisely how he reaches his conclusions.With each case study, Sam explains exactly how to interpret the chart. These case studies are included in your program manual, and then we review additional charts as a group on tele-conference calls. That way, you gain skill and confidence as you go through the program.

15. Enjoy an enthusiastic, positive learning environment
Both beginners and advanced students of astrology rave about Sam’s approach not only because it is concise, elegant, and easy to learn — but also because of Sam’s supportive, encouraging, and positive attitude. That way, you feel comfortable asking questions, and are supported each step of the way.

Yes, you will use this program to “explode” your income as a Practicing Astrologer and to serve your clients — and you will also be fascinated by the new, different, unique opportunities that Astrology makes possible for you.

17. Grow your Astrology practice
You get dozens of ideas and actual materials to grow your practice. Many Astrologers sit behind their desks waiting for the phone to ring. They have no system to proactively get clients. Not you. You will learn how to grow your practice – quickly and without the indignity of having to “hawk” your services. (In fact, many veteran Astrologers sign up for our programs just to get our Marketing Manual!)

AND, with the Program, you also get personal one-on-one consulting with a seasoned veteran and expert in Astrology (Sam Reynolds), a marketing manual, a Certificate, and Charter Membership in the rapidly growing Astrology Career Institute.

Please read these important points:

Remember — if anything, ANYTHING AT ALL — is not covered in this System, you can contact Sam Reynolds anytime with your questions. He will personally respond to your email within one business day.

Also, this System is not a “book” that you “read.” Nothing like it. You will get a toolbox of ready-to-use materials, actual examples, and personalized support.
You will pull out a “tool” and put it right to work FOR YOU, serving your clients and making money.

Now please think about how easy a decision this is:

You get certified to become part of a huge, in-demand, fascinating field that helps people get clarity and direction in their lives. You learn everything you need to do as part of a TURN-KEY SYSTEM.

If you get these materials and study them, we guarantee that you will see results — great results — in your new profession fast.

What is it worth to you to do something fascinating, that you love? What is it worth to you to help other people, while getting paid? What is it worth to be part of a huge market, filled with tens of millions of potential customers? What is it worth to make an income from the comfort and convenience of your own home – without having to make cold calls or stuff envelopes?

This decision is a “non-decision.”

Quickly, here are the details — when you sign up, we will immediately get you your Marketing and Training Manuals. We will also activate your membership in the Astrology Career Institute. We will give you Sam’s private email address to contact him directly for advice and guidance. When you are ready, you will take your Certification Test online and, when you pass, you will receive your Certificate (if you don’t pass, you can take the test again, but the program is set up to help you succeed the first time).

It’s that easy and simple.

Think again about everything you’re getting when you become a Certified Astrologer with the Astrology Career Institute:

A FREE Marketing Manual that shows you step-by-step the secrets to attracting desirable Astrology clients quickly and at low cost. It is broken out into simple steps that show you EXACTLY what you need to do to market your services and make more money.
The Astrology Career Institute Practicing Astrologer Training Manual which gives you everything you need to know to become a Certified Practicing Astrologer, in step-by-step format and with practical case studies.
Exclusive Tele-Conferences with Samuel Reynolds to answer your questions and guide you through the materials.
SEVENTEEN audio CDs to take your understanding of the materials even further. You can listen to these CDs in your home, while driving your car, or on your computer.
Personalized one-on-one coaching and consulting. Ask any question about your program, anytime. Sam Reynolds will get back to you with a personal response within one business day. For many students, this is the MOST VALUABLE part of the Certificate program. You get access to a passionate, knowledgeable expert in the field, at your beck and call, whenever you need it.
A Certificate attesting to your status as a Certified Astrologer that will set you apart and give you instant credibility.
Membership in the Astrology Career Institute, which gets you exclusive access to educational seminars, updates, and networking with other Certified Astrology professionals.

Any way you do the math, this is a turn-key certification system that should require around a thousand dollars to get — provided to you at a remarkable price.

Of course, there is a catch. These prices are for Charter Members only. We have to make it absolutely clear that this incredible offer will NOT last for very long. We fully expect this entire package to carry a price tag of $500 to $900 very soon. So to get the benefits of this Certification program, you do need to act IMMEDIATELY. When you do, you will lock in your low price, and the benefits described on this page.

What to Do Immediately, While this Turn-Key Program is Still
Available at Charter Prices

It’s simple. Click any red button on this page to get started now.

As soon as you do, we’ll immediately send out your manuals, activate your Membership in the Astrology Career Institute, and get you Sam’s personal email information to reach him anytime.

If You Order Now, You Get These 3 FREE Bonuses

We know that you are busy and easily distracted. Please don’t let this offer get “set aside” to “check out later.” After all, a decision at a cost of under $200 shouldn’t require sleeping on it. To encourage you to take just a few minutes RIGHT NOW to Order Online, we’ll send you these three FREE BONUSES:

FREE BONUS #1: “3 Complete Transcripts of Astrology Consultations.”
As soon as you sign up, this bonus gives you 3 complete transcripts of Astrology Consultations with Sam Reynolds. That way, you learn exactly how to start, conduct, and end a session. These transcripts include very different clients, in very different situations. PLUS, Sam explains to you his strategy during the session so that you instantly learn from his experience (a $49 value).

FREE BONUS #2: The Special Report “How to Kick Start Your Astrology Practice.”
Every Astrology professional needs to know how to get clients fast. This special report tells you exactly what you have to do — a little or no cost — to get new clients fast and get your business on track (a $39 value).

FREE BONUS #3: “The Guru Millionaire: How to Make a Fortune Marketing What You Already Know”

Register now and – in addition to your Marketing Manual — we will GIVE you the ultimate guide to marketing your services as the “go-to” professional, or guru. This book, written by an acclaimed marketing expert, shows you exactly how to establish yourself as an expert in your field via a variety of innovative techniques: writing books and pamphlets, offering online programs, marketing tele-seminars and seminars, selling CDs and DVDs, and more. The book shows you how to have people think of you first when they have a need, and contact you for services, interviews, and speaking engagements. This 153-page book includes actual marketing materials that have been proven to work over and over again. This Bonus alone can pay back your investment in this Program — many times over ($99 value).

Total value of all three free bonuses is $187

There’s just no reason NOT to become certified as an Practicing Astrologer. You get one-on-one coaching, all the materials you need to get started, a marketing manual, and a certificate.

If you are like most people, you feel like you are just too busy earning a living to figure out a simpler, easier, more satisfying way. Most people are working too hard, barely scraping by. This Program makes it simple, easy, and quick for you to love what you do, help other people, and earn the income you deserve and want.

Act on this now, and you can be on your way to having everything in the world that you want in your career — true financial independence and freedom, and a great roster of desirable clients. This is not a get-rich-quick offer, but a proven SYSTEM that helps Astrology professionals set themselves apart and achieve their financial goals.

Once and for all, enjoy your work – and get in on a huge market. Set yourself apart as an Astrology expert. At the same time, learn how to get new, high-paying fitness clients to come to you. Act on this now, and see your business grow beyond your dreams.



Andrew Neitlich
Program Administrator
Astrology Career Institute

P.S. Don’t forget that there are multiple ways to make money as an Astrologer, and we show you how. These include not only private and group sessions, but also classes, parties, phone coaching, web sites, and seminars. We show you how to succeed at all of these.


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