How not to end up a “Skewpio”



I don’t know anything about dude running, but he’s clearly attempting to portray himself as a European classical idea of Jesus Christ,  according to a Detroit TV station. I guess he’s taking “he who endureth til the end” to a whole new level. And that got me reflective on yesterday’s eclipse and the other “interesting” things happening this week.  As I mentioned last week, this eclipse was personal for me. But it also has some overall bigger implications for how we perceive things. Some people may have been offended by this guy pictured above.  About 30 years ago when I was a Bible-totin’, rootin’ tootin’ Yosemite Sam Preacher, I might have joined in with the offense. Now, I laugh and get reflective.  Time allowed me to see differently, but sometimes it’s about a shift in attitude. (Or both.) But the attitude can shift things a lot more faster.

This week, speaking of shifts, on Thursday  morning we have Jupiter shifting gears toward his own retrograde with Mercury going direct on Sunday afternoon.  Mercury symbolizes, among many things, how we order and share thoughts while Jupiter symbolizes what how we expand those thoughts to reach broader, higher and with soulful expression.  So a retrograde (and a planet going direct) sounds like mixed bag of getting the facts right while challenged to be wiser and extend our reach.  Or put differently, we may have to be careful not to miss the forest for naming and identifying the trees correctly.

For me, the Jesus marathoner is funny. For another, it’s an image that shoots out as blasphemy and patent offense. Many, including me, feel the same way about blackface. Yet I do know that a joke always has a hint of something true, either about the situation or the one telling the joke.  The truth of the joke really does rest in who laughs and why. If no one does, then most people don’t think it’s funny. I guess much the same reason why people aren’t laughing during “Saturday Night Live” these days.

And that’s why it’s good to remember to laugh. The great thing about humor is the dissonance of an image or situation that ignites the flash of insight from a joke, if it turns out to be funny. It hits you and laughter just springs out of you.  Again, that depends on how well stoked or ethical the flash or joke might be. But in these darker, longer and apparently colder, at least in NYC,  Scorpio nights, it’s good to to laugh. It sharpens and viscerally connects you to your senses of perception. As a Sun in Scorpio with 2 other planets in Scorpio who grew up with another Sun in Scorpio brother, let me we Scorpios can take ourselves way too seriously. So during our season that sense of seriousness can get infectious, even with “non-Scorpios.” Then people become what my Sagittarius wife and I dub “Skewpios,”  seeing things in skewed ways based on a misperception that we might get dead serious about.

Between this eclipse, retrogrades and re-directions, we have to be mindful of how we look at things. Don’t end up a “Skewpio.”  I’m thankful for this Jesus marathon runner for reminding us that life’s race is long and we have to find ways to lighten up, especially when we have barefoot guys running marathons with faux crosses on their backs.

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Aquarius [Jan 21st to Feb 18th]

Pisces [Feb 18th to March 20th


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